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You’re Fired! How To Ditch That Bad Customer Today!

Have you ever had a BAD customer? You know the ones – your heart sinks when their number comes up on your phone. They’re a nightmare to deal with. They pay late, question every bill, nitpick your work and get all dramatic if you mention putting up your prices. I...

She Said NO To £500 In Her Hand

“When you turn down £500 cash (50% discount) in your hand today because they are not your super client!!!! ARGH!!! lol Off to lie down!” I love this post! A lady in one of my Facebook groups posted it and it started a big discussion that might not have...

7 Ways To Create Money FAST In Your Business

We all have times when, for one reason or another, we NEED to come up with some quick cash in our business – so how DO you create money when you need it? I have some ideas for you. Some of these depend on what type of business you’ve got, not all of them will...

17 Ideas To Make The Most Of Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is the one time each year when the world’s eyes are on small businesses – certainly in the UK and the US there are major initiatives backed by Government to encourage people to shop small and/or local. Lots of focus is put on bricks...

How To (Properly) Market Your Small Business

Running a small business is challenging – not only do you have to deal with legal stuff, tax and accounting, you also have to do the thing you’re actually in business for AND market your business so the customers and the  money keep coming. It’s not...

6 BIG Reasons You Can’t Afford To Ignore E-Newsletters

I remember when I first started out in business, I had a big list of things I needed to do each week (get new clients, look after existing clients, send invoices, get money in) and to be honest, e-newsletters were not very far up my list. Actually, they probably...

#GoalFail! 6 Steps To Get Back On Track When You’re A Bit Lost

Every January we’re full of goals and targets. We’ve got our spreadsheets filled out and we’re 100% committed to making THIS the year we blast through our targets AND take control of the numbers in our business. Fast forward to July and those targets...

6 Rules of Awesome Business Visions

If you’ve read my Business Secret Weapon and 5 Questions To Help You Create A Cracking Business Vision blogs, you’ll know I REALLY recommend having a vision for your business. A business vision is a quick and easy way to get you focused, give you direction...


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