I’m going to challenge you this week and say that you need to be using video in your marketing. Time to put on your big girl pants and try something new.

Videos are so flexible – you can use them in your website, on your blog, embedded in your Facebook page, on Google+ and link to them from Twitter and Pinterest – as well as them being on your YouTube channel.

Videos are brilliant for marketing because they help your customers and potential customers see and hear you. This means that they can start to build a relationship with you – marketing is ALL about relationships. People are much more likely to buy from you if they have seen that you’re a real person who knows your stuff.

So what would you make a video about?

1. FAQs

You could go through some frequently asked questions that your customers always ask you – every business has them. Take a look on your Facebook page or through old emails to see what people tend to ask before they buy from you. Then record a video covering those FAQs.

2. Product Demos

If you make or sell products, could you make a demonstration video where you talk through a product and explain more about it? Your video will be much more effective than any photograph and you can really show off the product and talk through the benefits.

3. ‘How To’ Videos

If you often have to teach people how to use a product or service then a video is an excellent way to shortcut this process and free up your valuable time. A short video showing people how to set up and use something, or how to best kick start their service is very powerful and also feels like great customer service to your clients. Imagine not having to explain that same old thing time and time again – instead you can just give them the link to the video!

4. Testimonials & Case Studies

If you have had some great results with your products or service then put them on film! Would any of your customers or clients be willing to record a short video on their iPad or PC saying how you helped them? If not, you can record some case studies where you don’t mention names but you describe a client’s issues BEFORE working with you, why they came to you, how you helped and what the outcome was. It all helps to shortcut the buying process while also positioning you as an expert.

5. Reviews & Critiques

Do you use products or services that your customers use or would have an interest in? If so, why not record some product reviews to save them time and shortcut their learning? The same goes for books – if you’ve read a great book then tell them in a video and explain why you loved it. Your customers will love you for it and it will spark discussions.

6. Promotional

If you have an event coming up or are launching a new product or service, having a sale or just have something you want to promote then think about recording a short promo video telling people about it and sharing the benefits to them. People are interested in outcomes so tell them what results they can expect!

7. Introducing YOU!

Why not have a little video on your homepage telling people who you are and what you do, and WHY you’re a perfect fit for them? Marketing is all about relationships and this is the next best thing to you being there in person at a networking event.

HOW Do I Make Videos?

On your phone, on your iPad or on your computer – or using a handheld video camera.

I use my Mac built in video camera all the time and I’m also a huge fan of iPad videos. I use a little iPad editing app called Pinnacle Studio which cost about £8 and I edit then just upload straight to YouTube as an unlisted video. Simple!

Natural light is best, make sure your iPad, phone or camera are on a flat, stable surface and off you go.

How can YOU use video in your business? I’m challenging you to make one this week – are you up for it?