Awesome Business School – Isn’t It Time?

Awesome Business School is my beginner level programme (also great if you’re just a bit ‘rusty’). Is it right for you? Well, if you answer YES to these questions, you need to keep reading!

  • Do you feel totally out of your depth in business?
  • Are you lost and bewildered and clueless when it comes to marketing?
  • Does this ‘business owner’ lark feel way too scary?
  • Are you short on time but desperate to know what to do?
  • Would you LOVE someone to show you the easy way?
  • Is it TIME you made this business do what its capable of?

Keep reading!

When you start your own business it can be exciting but terrifying.

There is SO MUCH you need to do and learn, in addition to the thing your business is about.

You’re not JUST a crafter or a therapist, a consultant or a shop owner, you’re also a marketer and salesperson, not to mention the legal and accounting stuff that makes your eyes boggle and your toes curl.

frazzledIt’s really easy to get it wrong. 

  • It’s really easy to waste tons of time, money and energy on things that don’t work (and never will)
  • It’s really easy to get information overloadand feel like you’re lost in a sea of confusion
  • It’s really easy to try to do everything and exhaust yourselfreally quickly, leaving you feeling like a washed out teabag with nothing to show for your effort.
  • It’s really easy to get tied up in knots about pricing
  • It’s really easy to feel LOST, OVERWHELMED, ALONE AND SCARED


Because I’ve written Awesome Business School JUST FOR YOU

What The Heck Is Awesome Business School?

Awesome Business School is a BRILLIANT beginner’s online business and marketing programme for women.

It’s designed to help you quickly get up to speed on exactly what you need to KNOW and DO to build your business as quickly and easily as possible.

I know you’re busy. I know you’re desperate to make this business work.

And I’m here to help you.

In Awesome Business School you get over 80 fantastic bite-sized video lessons to walk you through the things you need to know.

Here Is a List of the Content – You’ll Be AMAZED!


  • Pricing For Beginners
  • How To Make A Profit
  • How To Build A Business You Can Grow
  • The Secret To Setting And Hitting Your Sales Targets
  • How To Get Over The Fear Of Asking For Money


  • How To Sell When You Are Scared Of Being Salesy
  • How To Sell On Your Website
  • How To Introduce Your Business At Networking Events
  • How To Get The Best From Trade Fairs
  • How To Increase Your Average Spend Numbers
  • How To Sell More To Existing Customers
  • How To Sell More To New Customers
  • Top Tips To Get Your Customers To Come Back And Spend More
  • How To Stay Top Of Mind


  • How To Stop Being Overwhelmed
  • How To Blast Through Your To Do List
  • How To Get Focused, Fast, When You Need To
  • How To Stop Distractions And Get Stuff Done
  • How To Clear Space In Your Brain
  • How To Get Structure In Your Business
  • How To Make Time To Build Your Business
  • How To Work Around Family & Other Jobs
  • The Danger Of Bright Shiny Objects


  • How To Stop Feeling Like A Fraud
  • How To Get Rid Of Mind Monkeys
  • How To Get Your Confidence Back After Being Knocked Down
  • How To Handle The Competition
  • How To Deal With People Who Copy You
  • How To Manage Dream Stealers And Doubters
  • How To Deal With Bad Days (And Weeks)


  • What Is Marketing And Where To Start?
  • Easy Steps To Make Your Marketing Work For You
  • How To Get Your Website Selling For You
  • How To Grow Your Database And Get More Hot Leads
  • How To Automate Your Marketing And Save Time
  • How To Never Run Out Of Topics To Write About In Your Marketing
  • Simple Steps To Make Copywriting Easy
  • How To Get Free Coverage In The Press
  • E-Newsletters – The Easy, Awesome Sales Tool You Need In Your Business
  • Easy Ways To Use Video In Your Marketing


  • Social Media Marketing Overview
  • How To Create A Simple Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook Marketing For Beginners
  • Twitter Marketing For Beginners
  • Pinterest Marketing For Beginners
  • Instagram Marketing For Beginners
  • Linked In Marketing For Beginners
  • Google + Marketing For Beginners
  • YouTube Marketing For Beginners


Marketing Tips For Crafters   .   Marketing Tips For Service Businesses  .  Marketing Tips For Bricks & Mortar Businesses  .  Marketing Tips For Coaches & Therapists

And That’s Just The Start!


You get easy to understand worksheets that will help you work out exactly what you need to do and when


You get cheat sheets, templates, planners and guides to get you organised

You get the audio MP3 version of all the videos so you can listen to them on the go

You get ALL the files in the programme to download and store on your computer, so you can keep them forever

That’s Not All!

You also get a fabulous, supportive FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask for help, share your successes, keep accountable and generally get to know some other awesome business women just like you! AWESOME!!


Once you buy it, it’s yours. You can download it all and keep it FOREVER.

How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On It?

If you can find an hour a week, you’ll be able to make real progress in your marketing

That’s all it takes and if you can’t find an hour, you’re going to struggle to EVER work ON your business and plan for the future.

Who’s Awesome Business School For?

Well it’s for beginners, because I know marketing and business are overwhelming so I’ve designed this to start right at the beginning.

It’s also brilliant if you’re rusty. Not literally (you need to see a doctor if that’s the case) but if you just feel like you might know this stuff but you need someone to walk you through it in an easy to understand way.

When Does It Start?

It’s open RIGHT NOW! And if you join now, you will have access to EVERYTHING immediately. I tell you where to start (and I have a video about overwhelm in case you get a little over-excited and try to cram it all into a few days).

I promise, once you’ve watched a few of these mini-classes you are going to feel like a new woman AND a proper business owner. I know you’ll breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.

Does It Sound Like It’s Made For You?

If so, let’s get to the nitty gritty. How much does it cost?

The 80+ videos alone are worth over £1000, not to mention all the PLANNERS, WORKSHEETS, GUIDES, TEMPLATES, OTHER GOODIES AND THE FACEBOOK GROUP which is, frankly, PRICELESS.

I could charge thousands of £££ for this (and other people DO charge that for programmes that are nowhere near as good as Awesome Business School). Why don’t I?

Because I don’t want lack of money to get in the way of you growing your business. We all need a break and a leg up.

This is yours.

Awesome Business School is just £297 for lifetime access.

(Conversions to CAD, AUD, USD and EUR are available at checkout)

You pay once, you get to download and keep EVERYTHING.

I understand that might be a bit of a big chunk of money to find right now so I’ve made it SUPER EASY to say YES to Awesome Business School.

You can pay in 12 x monthly instalments with my EASY PAY option.

That’s 12 x monthly payments of £24.75

That’s half a mani/pedi.

Or a week’s worth of overpriced takeaway coffees.

And neither of those can change your business (and your life) forever.

If you can’t afford that then this definitely isn’t right for you at this time.

And that’s fine, you can get loads of free help on my website at

But if it feels like YOUR time now. If you feel like you’ve tried to do this alone for far too long, then take this as a sign to do something about it.

Are you IN?

Great! Click here and get signed up – you’ll be able to get started within minutes (while feeling like a HUGE weight has been lifted off your shoulders)

Join us and get started

I can’t wait to work with you!

Love, Claire xx