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Something strange has happened in our house over the last few weeks.

My lovely 8 year old daughter, Chloe, has never been much of a fan of homework. Once she gets into it, she enjoys it but it was the THOUGHT of it that she didn’t like.

Same with piano practise, I had use any means at my disposal to get her to do it but she grumped and grumbled and grouched about it. Once she sits down and gets playing, she LOVES it.

It has felt like a bit of a battle for the last couple of years, if I’m honest.

Then she got into Harry Potter.

We started off with Audio books. Then, a couple of weeks ago I found her up at 7am on a weekend perusing my bookshelf where I’ve got all the Harry Potter books. She picked up the first one and headed off back into her bedroom to read. I didn’t see her for a couple of hours and so it began.

She has decided she is Hermione. 

She’s given herself Hermione as her new extra middle name.

She has decided she loves homework now, doing it as soon as she gets in from school while she waits for her tea. She used to HATE maths – it’s now her favourite subject and she’s doing brilliantly at it.

She voluntarily does piano practise (because that’s what Hermione would do) and even does EXTRA (and enjoys it). She even decided to practise for her spelling test without me nagging her.

I nearly fell off my chair.

She has totally changed the way she sees school and learning – she sees clever, strong, brave, amazing, studious Hermione and she wants to be like her. There are definitely worse role models.

My child has been transformed, in a lovely, happy way. I call it the Hermione effect.

And it made me think of you.

If Chloe can decide she’s Hermione, YOU can decide you’re a successful business owner.

Chloe asks herself ‘what would Hermione do?’ You can ask yourself ‘what would a successful business owner do?’

PRETENDING you are confident, capable and brilliant at business might sound a bit weird but it WORKS! I have living proof in my house of the power of pretending.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 8, 28 or 48 you can still do this.

I did it last night at my ballet class – I pretended I was a graceful ballerina and for an hour I forgot I was 46 with a collection of muffin tops. I felt GREAT AND I danced better because of it. 

So, my challenge to you this week is to forget your fears, get rid of your doubts and PRETEND you’re a brilliant business success. Act like you’re a successful business owner .Think like a successful business owner – before you know it, you’ll BE a successful business owner, making money and hitting your targets .

Thanks, Hermione. 

(PS I’m keeping an eye on her, of course. I know it gets a bit scary after book 3 so we’re having lots of chats:) )

Image courtesy of Warner Bros.