“The Girls Mean Business has changed my life and my business—I am so grateful that I’ve found Claire. If I hadn’t done the course I may have continued to make expensive mistakes. I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel like big things are going to happen this year.”
Natasha Bray, Guilt Free Health

Guilt Free Health
Natasha Bray’s Naturally Guilt Free food range and natural detox and transformation programmes help women to be their healthiest, happiest and most confident selves. And Natasha’s business has seen its own transformation—from hobby to rapidly expanding brand—with a little help from The Girls Mean Business.

“I’ve turned my business from a hobby into something profitable. My passion and excitement for my business has grown and I can really see its full potential now. I feel more confident in my approach to business as well as getting my message out there to the women I want to support. I’d recommend Claire and The Girls Mean Business to everyone I know.”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“In 2015. I downloaded Claire’s free 55 Fabulous Marketing Tips ebook and I thought, “wow this woman knows her stuff!”. I loved the down-to-earth approach. I started reading Claire’s blogs and signed up for the Big Girl Knickers bootcamp. Nearly everything I read or watched inspired me to take action in my business.”

What it’s given me is…
“The ability to get serious. Before, my business was a hobby—I didn’t really care if it was making me money as I was doing it alongside a full-time job and I just loved being creative with it. But I started to dream about a different life where my business could become my main income. Because I’ve learned so much from the Supercharge Your Sales course, my ‘hobby’ is now well on its way to becoming something big.”

For my business, that means…
“I more than doubled my profit in the last year. A big lesson I have learned from Claire is to know my worth and I’ve raised my prices so that I now do less work for more profit. I’ve achieved so much already: I set my own website up and I’m building an email list. I’ve also rebranded and expanded my business to offer additional services and products, including a partnership with Not On The High Street and a new baking mix range that’s launching soon.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of (de-caf) tea because…
“Of Claire’s friendly personality and the huge value-for-money of all the programmes. The private groups where you can build relationships and get advice from Claire and other business owners are an invaluable source of support. The best feeling of all is knowing that I am not alone.”

Find out more about what Natasha does at: www.guiltfreehealth.co.uk