“I don’t think I had ever seriously considered opening my own business before I purchased Claire’s course. Maybe I would have done it eventually, but I wouldn’t have done it so soon if I hadn’t listened to Claire’s advice and guidance.”
Joanna Dawson, Dawson Radford Solicitors

Dawson Radford Solicitors
Solicitor Joanna Dawson had never considered setting up her own business before she started Big Girl Knickers. But it planted the seed of an idea that took root—and since taking the plunge she hasn’t looked back!

“The Facebook group is invaluable; it keeps me motivated. I’m there every day, interacting and learning. Through the group, I have met another lawyer and was referred for some consultancy work. I was also instructed on a matter this week by another BGK member so I’m gaining business from the group now too!”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“When I purchased Big Girl Knickers last year. I’d been working at a regional law firm for 12 years and while I loved the work, I didn’t feel supported or encouraged within my firm. BGK seemed to offer some of the support and understanding I craved. But to my surprise, the course also made me start to think that maybe I could run my own business…”

What it’s given me is…
“A new life, where I’m in control. I quit my job and six months later, on 1 November, I opened for business from my home office. I worked so hard, networking in the day and working on files at night. But for the first time ever, I was able to take two weeks off at Christmas to spend with my children. In January, we managed a family holiday and I took on my first employee to help with admin!”

For my business, that means…
“An outlook that exceeds all expectations. I’m on course to reach my annual turnover target by month 5. I’ve put into practice everything I’d learned about my ideal client and how to attract them. I produced blogs, newsletters, a website and a freebie…then I got on the phone and the work started to come in. I’d planned to recruit another fully qualified lawyer in year 3, but that’s now looking likely to happen this year.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of tea because…
“The course and the group has changed my life. I cannot explain the feeling that it gives me to be in control of money and to be able to pay cash for a better car when the old one was dropping to bits. It was nothing new or flash, but it proved to me and to my family that I’m making this work.”

Find out more about what Joanna does at: www.dawsonradford.co.uk