“When I set up my business, I was excited about it all but didn’t really have a plan. I was winging it. I was getting some bookings but nowhere near as many as I get now. And I wasn’t doing any marketing—I hadn’t even heard the term ‘ideal customer’ before I started working with Claire!”
Lucy Eveleigh, Lemon Entertainment

Lemon Entertainment
Lemon Entertainment was the brainchild of Lucy Eveleigh, who’d previously worked in the music business. Using her great music contacts and extensive knowledge of live events, she set up the business to provide great music and flawless planning for weddings and special events.

“The Girls Mean Business community is really supportive. I like reading about what others are up to, where people are succeeding and understanding what other business owners struggle with. I work from home on my own, so it’s like having company and someone to chat to.”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“When my husband signed me up for the Big Girl Knickers boot camp as a Christmas present! I was two years into my business but I was struggling and feeling lost. I knew about live music but I had a lot to learn about running my own business.”

What it’s given me is…
“Endless knowledge and tools I can use to grow Lemon Entertainment. I have learned a lot about marketing, loads about planning and, of course, numbers! I also now have a vision for what I want, to put all my hard work into context. My vision board keeps me on track and working towards what’s important to me—things like saving to buy a house and investing in my kids’ future.”

For my business, that means…
“Way more bookings. That means that my turnover figures are getting better and better. I’ve just had an awesome January, and I just want to keep building on it now.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of tea because…
“The whole thing just speaks to me. I like how real Claire is. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and communicates with lingo that people who don’t hold a business degree can understand. It’s good to know that she’s been through the highs and the lows that women business owners go through!”

Find out more about what Lucy does at: www.lemonentertainment.co.uk