If the thought of ‘selling’ makes you feel UNEASY, UNCOMFORTABLE and downright SCARED, keep reading!

You’re not alone, in fact most women I work with have a *thing* about selling or feeling ‘salesy’

And yet, if you don’t sell anything you don’t have a business.

overwhelmed by business womanThat’s the tricky bit.

But I have some good news for you.

Selling doesn’t have to be like that.

It doesn’t have to feel icky

In fact it doesn’t have to feel ANYTHING

You could be doing it every day without even really noticing

It’s *THAT* painless

I’m not talking about some dodgy subconscious hypno selling thing

I’m talking about making your marketing SO good that you PULL people into your business

People who WANT to buy, who LOVE what you do and keep coming back

Which means YOU don’t have to do PUSHY SELLING

Just A Thought About Selling…

How are you supposed to know how to sell?

I mean, nobody teaches you this stuff

(mind you, if they did we’d have far more awesome women business owners like you out there).

I’d bet my hat that there are just a few things you need to change.

A few tweaks you need to make and a couple of easy things you need to start doing.

You’re probably doing most of it rightand it won’t take much for it all to fall into place and for your business to
become a proper little sales machine. 

Once you know what to do, you’ll be watching your sales grow and the money coming in on a regular basis (just like a proper business!)

Why am I telling you this?

Well, because I have something I think you’ll love…


Supercharge Your Sales

I’ve created this special little programme ESPECIALLY FOR YOU if you:

  • Need more sales but don’t have time to work out how to get them
  • Feel like it’s time you made some blummin’ money
  • Feel like you deserve a break
  • Need to break your ‘no sales’ pattern
  • Just want someone to show you what to do to start selling
  • Don’t want to do any of that icky cold calling or high-pressured stuff (yuk!)






Supercharge Your Sales

Is Perfect For You!

high visibility lady with crown

We are going to cover:

  • Setting Sales Targets
  • How To Find Your Best Buyers
  • How To Create Your Best Sellers
  • Your ‘Visibility Queen’ Makeover
  • How To Create A Lead Machine
  • How To Become a Sales Magician
  • How to Keep The Sales Coming In

These are bite-sized modules complete with
MP4 videos, MP3 audios, templates, worksheets, spread sheets
and guides you can work through in your own time

Supercharge Your Sales is a pocket-sized online programme
you can download and work through in a day or a week (but you have
access to it forever so you can take it at your own pace).

I walk you through how to create a Supercharge Your Sales Plan step-by-step and you’ll be able to put all your new learning into practise in your business right away.

You will get INSTANT ACCESS to all the content immediately and it’s yours to keep, FOREVER! You can watch/listen on your phone, tablet or computer in your own time, at your own pace.


You’ll become a member of our exclusive Supercharge Your Sales private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share successes, work through tricky issues and brainstorm – you’ll never have to tackle this on your own.


You’ll also get access to the SUPERCHARGE YOUR SALES PREP sheet – this is where we’re going to deep dive into your awesome business and see where you are now and where you’re going wrong so we can see what we need to SUPERCHARGE.


Ooooh I Almost Forgot The Bonuses!

I have thrown in 6 of my Best Selling classes to get you rocking and rolling! No excuse for shoddy sales now!

  • Pricing For Girls
  • Business Vision For Girls
  • Thriftastic Marketing
  • Easy E-Newsletters For Scaredy Cats & Technophobes
  • How To Get More Confidence & Charge What You’re Worth
  • From Frazzled Wreck To Productivity Wonderwoman


A HUGE MAILCHIMP BUNDLE to show you STEP BY STEP, EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO to get set up and running with your list building and e-marketing.

Supercharge Your SalesYOU’RE GOING TO LOVE


I have given you everything you need to sell more and make some money (at last). 

You can definitely do this.

You don’t have to be techie. 

You don’t even have to be ‘clever’ (but you are, so don’t worry). 

You just need to find maybe 4 or 5 hours spread across a couple of weeks to work through this (but, remember you have access forever) and then the important bit…


Seriously, if you’re not going to put Supercharge Your Sales to good use,
don’t waste your money. In fact stop reading now. I don’t think it’s for you.

Listen, I don’t want just anyone to join!

I want people who are serious about making more sales

Serious about working on their business

Serious about making more money

And NOT moaners, excuse makers or pity party people

Because part of the magic of this programme is in the POWER of the Facebook group


So we can blast those sales figures out of the water!


If you want ‘in’ then it’s just £249 for 7 modules that could change your business and your life. If you would rather use our EASYPAY option you can pay 12 x monthly instalments of £20.75 starting today.

Pay In Full £249

Easy Pay 12 instalments of £20.75

Or you can keep putting it off and wonder why you’re still struggling this time next year. It’s up to you.

Claire Mitchell, The Girls Mean BusinessJOIN NOW and get instant access AND START SUPERCHARGE YOUR SALES TODAY!

Love, Claire xx

PS: if you don’t want to still be sitting here feeling stuck and broke this time next year, why not do something about it? If not now, then when?

About Your Teacher – Claire Mitchell

Claire coffee background2Claire is a mum to Chloe, 8. She lives with her hubby and daughter and Meg the puppy in the north east of England, in her dream house (well it will be once it’s done up) by the river. And no, it doesn’t flood.

She’s got a degree in German & Russian and an MBA from Durham University Business School but she don’t really use them.

Instead, she uses her 23 years of marketing experience and her 12 years as a self-employed business owner to create resources that will help in real life, which is usually different to what it says in the text books.

She tells it like it is. She makes complicated things easier. She helps you to understand what marketing you need to do, and what you can ditch. Basically, she will help you figure out how to spend your limited time, money and energy on marketing that works. Good, eh?

She’s been featured in Marie Claire, The Guardian, Essentials Magazine, Closer Magazine, Die Welt and The Huffington Post to name just a few. She’s also an inaugural member of Facebook’s exclusive Small Business Client Council.

She has 25000+ subscribers from 34 countries who love receiving her weekly newsletter and Bite Sized Tips on marketing.


Working with Claire helped me focus on what where I wanted to go with my business and as a result I have more than doubled my client base with clients I enjoy working with. I have also almost doubled my income in the last 9 months.

Emma Stevens

Emma Stevens Accountancy

Taking the plunge to do my first program with Claire Mitchell 6 months after I launched my business was the best thing I have ever invested in. 3 years on I now run and totally own a successful business. I still follow Claire and listen to her snippets of valuable information and will continue to forever. It is also great to share the experience with like minded people in the group, a place I have found experts in other fields which have supported my business along the way. Just do it, I promise you won’t regret it!

Wendy Stead

Enchanted Interiors