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This week I picked a load of plums from our plum trees and decided to try and make plum jam. Now, this was my second-ever jam-making experience because a few weeks ago I made gooseberry jam and it turned out brilliantly, so I set out with a bucketload of confidence on my plum-jam adventure.

I did what the recipe said, did the test at the end on the freezing plate to see if went wrinkly (which it did) and so I put it into jars and waited for it to set. I waited and waited. It never did. No idea what I did wrong but it was a pourable liquid (which isn’t really the desired effect).

So, I did what I would do in business; I figured out how to fix it because I certainly wasn’t going to bin it.

I Googled. I bought pectin. I boiled it all up again and put it back into jars and it’s perfect. (Well, truth be told I added a bit TOO much pectin so it’s a bit TOO set for my liking ? but it’s usable and delicious. Job done.

And while I was reboiling my plum jam I thought of you.

I wondered how often you have binned an idea, a product, a service in your business because it didn’t turn out how you wanted or expected first time around?

  • Maybe you have half-finished projects that didn’t turn out as expected?
  • Maybe you have samples that never made it past sample stage.
  • Maybe you have online folders full of files that didn’t make the grade.
  • They are your equivalent of runny jam.

Instead of starting again, I want you to take a look at which of your runny-jam projects you might be able to fix and go on to sell.

I bet you find something you can use. Let me know if you do!

Love, Claire xx

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