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  • Outgoing, social, enjoys meeting new people and building connections
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills
  • Prefers in-person interactions


  • Building Relationships: Excellent at forming and nurturing personal connections.
  • Community Engagement: Naturally thrives in group settings and community activities.
  • Collaborative: Good at creating partnerships and working well with others.


  • Overcommitting: May take on too many networking activities, leading to burnout.
  • Online Marketing: May struggle with digital marketing strategies if not focused on personal interactions.
  • Follow-Up: Might neglect systematic follow-ups due to the emphasis on personal connections.


  • Gets energy from social interactions and building relationships
  • Values community and mutual support

Red Flags & Blocks:

  • Can get overwhelmed with too many commitments
  • May struggle with online marketing or technology

Best Way Forward:

  • Leverage natural networking skills and focus on building a community
  • Use partnerships and collaborations to expand reach


  • Enjoys attending events and gatherings
  • Prefers face-to-face conversations and joint ventures

Recommended Marketing Strategy:

  • Host or attend local & online events and meetups
  • Collaborate with other local businesses and influencers

Best Marketing Channels and Platforms:

Local events, networking groups, and social media groups (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn)

Business Motto:

“Building connections, one handshake at a time.”




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