14 Fabulous Tweet Ideas For Small Businesses

Are you a tweeter? Do you use Twitter in your business? If you do, I’ve got some ideas for tweets that you could use to help build relationships and boost your credibility and drive traffic to your business website.

Twitter is a really good business building tool and a really good relationship builder, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed by it and feel as if the conversation is moving too quickly to follow. It’s also easy to run out of ideas VERY quickly!

So here are 14 ideas for tweets that might, or might not, work in your business but at least it’ll give you some inspiration!

1. Tweet Your Blogs

I have tweeted out my blogs for a few years now and it works really well to raise awareness of my brand and share my content, which in turn drives traffic to my website. You can see it in action on my Twitter account .

I use either Edgar, a paid social media sharing service that lets me share images too or Tweetily, which is a WordPress plugin installed on my blog but you can, of course, do this manually from your website.

I make sure each of my weekly blogs has a good, eyecatching image that will work well on Twitter and other social media platforms – images show up really well on Twitter and you can use Canva to create just the right sized image, for free.

Use a free link shortener like Bitly so you don’t waste lots of characters just sharing the long web address.

2. Tips

What short tips can you share? Can you share them as an image? Can you share them as a few words? Can you share them as a short video? Can you share them from a page on your YouTube channel, website or blog? Just link to them? If you’ve got tips on anything that your ideal clients or customers would be really interested in then share them on Twitter.

3. Events You’re Attending

If you’re attending a networking event or a conference or seminar then use the event hashtag and tweet about it. Share what the speakers are saying, share things that you’re learning. Share interesting people and photographs. Events work really well on Twitter and sharing the event hashtag will let people find you – and you’ll be able to see who else is there and sharing the hashtag so you can hook up and meet in person.

4. Requests For Help

When I’ve needed cupcakes or awards for events that I’ve done in the past, I’ve used Twitter and I’ve found the right people. And it’s not just the people in my network who chip in with suggestions, it’s whom they know as well. You can ask people to retweet  – every retweet will expand your reach and there’s a really good chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for, or at least somebody that can point you in the right direction.

5. ‘How To’s And Shortcuts.

What can you share? What can you help your Super Customers learn more quickly than them doing it themselves? What shortcuts and what how to’s? I don’t expect you to manage to fit them all in a tweet but you can put them again on YouTube, your blog, your Facebook page and website and signpost people there via your Tweet, driving traffic in the process. Remember to always think ‘eyecatching headlines’ because if you’ve got a really compelling title like ’14 really effective tweet ideas!’ then there’s a far better chance that people will go across and read them.

6. Product Photos

If you’re a maker or a retailer then post photographs of what you sell. Share photos of you unpacking new stock, photos of a new piece of kit, anything your crowd of Super Customers would love to see.

Use the photographic element of Twitter to showcase what you do. It’s under-used and you could be using it as well as the more visual social media that you might already be using, like Pinterest. And if you use something like www.canva.com it will actually help you to create images that are the right size and add wording and pricing across the image. Remember you don’t have the 20% text restrictions that you do on Facebook so it’s really good from that perspective.

7. Work In Progress

Take photos of stuff you’re working on, your workroom or studio. Show new fabrics you’ve just bought, new paints, a new massage table that you’re unpacking. Share photos of product catalogues you’re browsing while you’re deciding what to stock or make next. People LOVE to feel a part of the business like this, they love ‘behind the scenes’ images that let them into the real life behind the shop or website. You can even do a bit of product research by asking people to say which of a choice of items you should stock – you can start to build some excitement and some buzz using Twitter and even get some pre-orders if you do it right.

8. Testimonials

If you’ve got a happy customer then paste the testimonial on a lovely background image using www.canva.com and share it! Make the most of the fact that you’re not restricted by the amount of text that you can use.

Or if it’s a video then share a link to the video on Twitter using a bitly link over to where the video is hosted, on Facebook or over to YouTube or your blog. Testimonials, especially if they demonstrate how people are using your product and service and show people how they could apply it to their business, can be an excellent sales tool and a great Tweet idea.

9. Freebies

If you’re not already gathering leads and building a subscriber list then you need to start now (here’s a blog to explain why) and the way to get people to join your list is to tempt them to sign up with a fabulous freebie – a discount coupon, free e-book, tips sheet, short guide, a ‘how to’ video. You can share a Bitly link to the sign up form on your website and start to use Twitter to build your list. Yay!

10. Interesting Retweets

If you see something that really resonates with you and will resonate with your Super Customers, retweet it! It’s a really good way to build relationships with the person whose account you’ve retweeted but also it means that you’re not having to come up with original content all the time. You can retweet really interesting stuff and still add value to your followers, even if the content isn’t yours.

11. Observations

Observations when you’re out and about can be great little snippets to use on Twitter. If you see something that looks great and gives you an idea for a product or service, Tweet it – your crowd will be intrigued. In my case I could share examples of funny marketing or marketing that I think is really effective, because that’s what my followers would find useful. I’ve taken photos of funny signs and ads too, and these work well because my field is marketing.

12. Memes

Memes are quotes on a background – you can make them in Canva or Picmonkey. You’ll see me use them on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thegirlsmeanbusiness every day but I also use them on Twitter. Eyecatching, thought-provoking memes can get people engaged, which will bring retweets and give more exposure to your brand and message.

13. Statistics or Industry News

If there are some really interesting statistics or something in the news about your industry then share them, because you’re doing the research and being the voice of your industry for your Super Customers. If it’s something that will affect their business or life, share it on Twitter and start a discussion.

14. Surveys

If you’re doing a survey (which is a great way to get feedback from customers, come up with product/service ideas and build your subscriber list at the same time as you will see from this blog) then use SurveyMonkey and create a link to the survey page. Tweet out regularly over a 2 week period (several times a day) asking your followers to complete it. You can put respondents into a prize draw and offer a prize for one lucky respondent.

Get Tweeting!

Hopefully you can see there are loads of ideas for content and tweets that you can use on Twitter that will help to engage your audience, spread your message, give exposure to your brand, position you as an expert and encourage retweets that will help you to build your business.

It’s a really useful medium and if you take some of these ideas and turn them into something you can use that works for you it will not seem as daunting.

I would love to hear how you are using Twitter for your business – do you have any ideas to add? And why not pop over to www.twitter.com/thegirlsmeanbiz to follow me and my tweets? I’d love to see you there.

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  1. Julia Giles

    There are some great ideas here and easy to implement too. Thanks!

  2. Pam

    I’ve only just started, but it is amazing how many followers respond! I’m going to try Hootsuite, toggle and http://topsy.com/… I tweeted my first blog post today because WordPress made it so simple with the widget… I’m getting there Claire bit by bit and soon maybe I’ll be ready to understand how to keep my big girl knickers from drooping LOL!


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