2 Reasons You’re Not Selling As Much As You’d Like

If you’re not selling as much as you like, it’s probably due to one of two reasons.

Either, you’re attracting the wrong people or you’re not offering them the right thing.

That sounds really obvious, but so many people still get it wrong.

If you know that you’re definitely going to the right fairs and the right trade shows or you’ve got the right Facebook ads out or you know that the right kind of people like your business but they’re not buying then you’re not giving them what they want and need.

Otherwise they would be buying!

So maybe you’re offering something that they want and need but it’s the wrong price, therefore, it’s not right for them.

Maybe they can’t see the value.

Maybe you’re not differentiating yourself enough.

Maybe you’re competing with lots of other people but you’re not making clear how your products or services are specifically tailored for your super customers.

Are you making it really clear why it’s worth paying more for your stuff, because it’s clearly a better fit for them? People will always pay more if they feel as if it’s the right fit for them. If it’s a perfect fit, they will find the extra money, we all do it for things that are important to us.

So maybe it is that you are not offering the people who come to your business what they need and want. Maybe the offering itself is wrong.

What Can You Do About It?

Find out, do surveys if you’ve got a shop, ask people what they’re looking for specifically.

Start to really get to the bottom of what your Super Customers need and want and get inside their head.

Make sure you are targeting the right people, make sure that the people who are visiting your business in person and on your website and on social media are who you think they are.

You need to find out who they are, using whatever means you can.

Because, if you’re getting the right people coming to your business but they’re not buying then you need to change your offering. Not always a lot, sometimes just a couple of tweaks can make all the difference, but if you were giving them what they wanted and needed they would be buying as it’s as easy as that!

It may be that you’re really clear on your products and services, but you’re not attracting the right people. So this is the other side of the coin. You know that your products or services are really, really good but nobody’s buying, nobody’s engaging. So your advertising, your search engine optimisation, point of sales stuff, is not attracting the right people.

Maybe you’re putting messages out there that you think are attracting the right people but when it comes to it they are not a good fit for your business.

What Can You Do About It?

You need to find out more about the people who ARE following you and get clear on who your Super Customer is, because they are most likely to buy from you. Then your marketing needs to be aimed at your Super Customers. It’s that simple. You need to attract people who are most likely to buy from you, don’t you?

How Do You Find Out About Your Current Fans/Followers?

Well, you need to see who’s on your Facebook page. You need to get people to introduce themselves and tell you a bit about themselves in some kind of introduction thread. You need to maybe run a survey and put it out in your newsletter and on social media and incentivise your crowd to fill it in.

If you’re at a trade fair, talk to people. Really talk to them. Try to engage people in a friendly conversation rather than giving up when they say ‘I’m just browsing’.

You need to know and understand what people need and want. And here’s the BIG thing: It might not be what you think they want. Or it might be just a hair’s breadth away from being what they want, but you’ve missed something that you’re not aware of because you don’t know your best buyers, your Super Customers.

I have a blog all about Super Customers and how to find yours here.

This is probably the most important thing you will do for your marketing and your business because once you suss that out, your business will change. The dynamics will change and the money will start to come in – YAY!

Your job today is to figure out which of the two issues are stopping sales in your business. Is it that you’re attracting the wrong people? Or is it that you’re attracting the right people, you’re just not offering them what they want?

Happy pondering!

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