5 Pro Marketing Tips You Need To Know

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with marketing.

So much advice, so little time! So I’ve compiled a few little marketing tips to help you shortcut the process and cut through the noise.

1. The Marketing You Do Today Will Pay Off In 3-6 Months.

This is what separates the amateurs from the ‘pros’. Amateurs expect marketing to pay off right away but pros know marketing rarely works immediately.

It can take 3-6 months for marketing to properly give results, and that’s if you’re marketing little and often.

Be consistent and persistent.

Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes….

Would you buy from somebody you’d heard from once?

From someone whose ad you saw once but then never saw again?


You’d forget about them
Or assume they’d gone bust!

And remember that your urgency is not their urgency.

If you keep marketing and talking to them and building relationships with your ideal customers, they will know where to come when they need you.

When they are ready to buy, they will buy – from YOU

But only if you’ve been marketing to them consistently and persistently.

So, get marketing today, to the right people, and in 3-6 months your business will truly see the benefit.

2. FAQs Save You Time & Get You More Sales!

Did you know that it takes people time to decide to buy? They will have all sorts of questions before they actually hit that ‘buy now’ button.

So make it easier for them and shorten that buying cycle.

Write down some commonly asked questions related to your business.
-What do prospective clients struggle with?
-What do you always get asked about your product or service when people are considering it?
-What do new clients want to know?
-What don’t they understand easily?
-Write down a list of these questions and add your own answers then use these FAQs on your website to help shorten the buying cycle and reduce objections.
-You can also use these FAQs as content for e-newsletters, blogs or social media posts.

Do you have an FAQ page? Will you now?

3. Social Media Is Fickle

Social Media Is Fickle

You can’t rely just on social media for your marketing

You don’t own Facebook or Twitter or Linked In

They can change the rules at any time and your marketing could suffer if they do

BUT instead of moaning about it, why not make sure that your business isn’t left vulnerable?

Use social media as a database building tool. It’s brilliant for this

Get your fans and followers onto your email list asap, so your marketing is within YOUR control and you can talk to them by email as well as social media

A rounded approach is always good

4. Use Every Free Marketing Opportunity You Can

Have you got a signature on your emails? No? Why not? It’s free and you could be spreading the word and getting more fans and followers every time you hit ‘send’.

Include a link to your website, your Facebook page, your Linked In profile, your Twitter profile, Pinterest and Google+ if you have them.

Add a strapline to sum up what you do. Stick in a note about any offers you’ve got on at the moment or events you’re taking a stand at.

It’s free, you’re sending the email anyway so you may as well use it for a bit of marketing.

Same goes for chatting at the school gates, speaking at networking events, blogging, putting effort into social media – they cost nothing but time but the results can be worth a bomb.


5. Video Is Awesome

Once upon a time, video was expensive, difficult and out of the reach of you and me. These days, if you have a smart phone or tablet you can produce your own videos, really easily.

And that’s great news for your business.

You can embed short videos in your business Facebook page – they are great for driving engagement

You can embed videos in your blog – if a picture paints a thousand words then a video paints a squillion.

Videos help people to know, like and trust you. They shorten the buying cycle. They help to build relationships – remember, people buy from people.

Videos can demonstrate, showcase and train. They can show off results, spotlight case studies and shout out testimonials.

Videos are free. They don’t need to be ‘professional’. While everyone is is trying for ‘professional’ why not be the one getting your videos out there, in front of your ideal customers, just as they are.

Videos don’t have to be perfect, they just need to be you.

Love, Claire x

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