5 Simple Productivity Hacks You Can Use In Your Business Right Now

I speak to loads of women business owners each week and many of them complain that they don’t have enough time to do all that they need to do in their business.

When I ask them what their typical day or week looks like I can always find at least one, but usually several ways that they can save time and be more productive.

For some it’s about limiting the time they spend on social media, for others it’s about sitting aimlessly staring into space because they haven’t thought about what they need to do, for still others it’s about getting some uninterrupted time to tackle their mammoth to-do list.

Whichever applies to you, here are 5 simple productivity hacks to help you get more time and get more done.

1. Have A Plan: Know what you need to do each day.

If you’ve got a myriad of ideas floating around in your head, put them down on paper and break any big tasks down into smaller and smaller tasks, things that you can do in 10 minutes, ideally.

2. Protect Your Work Time

Do whatever it takes. Lock the front door, pretend you’re out if the neighbour knocks, put your phone on silent and turn it over so you can’t see it and switch off your social media messaging.

3. Tackle Your To-Do List Like You Mean It

Treat your work time as if it’s the last day before you go on holiday and if you don’t get it done, there’ll be a disaster. Get through whatever you need to do – nasty tasks and nice ones. Just get them done. And tick them off your list!

4. Schedule Big, Important Tasks In Your Diary

If you need half a day to write your e-newsletter, book it in the calendar. Same for website amends, tradeshow prep, bulk writing of social media updates, whatever – if it’s not in the diary it’s unlikely to get done so book that time out.

5. Learn To Say No

Say no to people who think that because you work for yourself you’re available for a chat/babysitting whenever they call. Say no. Nicely. But stick to your guns. No, I’m sorry I’m just in the middle of something right now, can I give you a call tonight? No, I’m going to be in a meeting this afternoon so I can’t have your kids while you get your hair done (don’t tell them that the meeting is with yourself about your business). Get the idea? Good!

If you use just one of these in your business, you’ll definitely free up some time, get more done and feel brilliant.

If you use more than one then you’re on track to becoming a productivity queen and you’ll get tons done AND still have time for yourself and the other important people in your life.

What’s not to love?

And what other tips do you have for getting more done and saving time? Why not share them in the comments below?

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