5 Things You Should Never Post On Your Business Facebook Page

Your business Facebook page can be a fantastic marketing tool. Used properly, it can build relationships, build your brand, build trust and credibility and drive enquiries and sales. However, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid if you’re going to get your Facebook page really working for your business. If you are doing any of the 5 things below, you’re at best wasting your time on a Facebook page that’s just not going to do you justice and at worst heading for trouble, even getting your page shut down.

Here’s a list of the 5 biggest mistakes I see on Facebook pages – there’s no excuse to fall foul of them now.

1. Rants

I know, it’s so tempting to vent your anger/frustration/opinion of your competitors on your Facebook page but it’s the equivalent of washing your dirty linen in public. It doesn’t look good and doesn’t help anyone, least of all you. It looks unprofessional and all you’ll do is create a pity party, which is a total distraction from your business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no angel, but I think I’ve ranted just once on my page in 3 years (in response to a spate of really rude emails) and I regretted it almost immediately. It’s just not worth it. Complain to your pals, vent to your family but keep it OFF Facebook and other social media. Better to maintain a dignified silence and let karma take care of the rest.

2. Other People’s Memes (Rather Than Sharing The Original Post)

SHARING other people’s memes or posts is fine, in fact it’s a brilliant idea. When you share from their page, they benefit from the shares which helps their page engagement. This is called Ethical Sharing. The great thing is you benefit too as Facebook seems to give greater weight and reach to popular posts shared from other pages. It’s a win win. If you do the opposite – in other words you just save the image to your computer and post it on your page, rather than sharing then that’s just not cool. Not only that but if the owner of the meme or artwork finds out, they can legitimately report you for stealing their intellectual property. Ethical sharing is the only way!

3. Sell Sell Sell Posts

Nobody wants to be sold to. Everyone wants to be helped. If all you post on your business Facebook page is pushy sales message after pushy sales message, pretty soon you’ll end up with a page that’s as flat as a pancake. Nobody is going to engage with that! Instead, think about the people you want to attract to your page and think about what they want to see. By all means post offers and deals, but put a bit of YOU into the page. Record some videos showing your products, talking about your suppliers, telling a story about your business – anything to inject some personality into your page and start to build relationships with your page fans. Ask questions, share tips, HELP people. You’ll get a much more engaged page and remember, people buy people!

[Tweet “Nobody wants to be sold to. Everyone wants to be helped #tgmb #bizitalk”]

4. Like & Share Competitions

They are against Facebook’s Promotional Guidelines (See E.3) which means YOU SHOULD NOT USE THEM and Facebook can and will shut down your page if they catch you. I’ve seen it happen more than once – it’s just not worth the risk. And apart from that, they are a huge wasted opportunity – it’s much MUCH better to use a dedicated competition app that lets you collect email addresses of entrants, that way you grow your list while you’re promoting. Even if the app charges you a small amount to add the ‘collect emails’ feature, it’s definitely worth it because you NEED to start building your email list.

5. Anything NOT Aimed At Your Ideal Customers

By ideal customers, I mean people who are a good fit for your business and are most likely to buy. If you’re not clear who you’re trying to attract to your page then you’re going to be wasting a ton of time, money and energy and getting lukewarm results. Instead, figure out who is most likely to buy from you and target all your marketing at them – including your business Facebook page. Work out how you can add value, how you can help them, what sort of stuff they are likely to love and share. The more ideal customers you can attract, the more engagement you’ll get on your Facebook page. The more engagement you get on your Facebook page, the more likely people are to stick around and take up any offers you put in front of them.


I’ve added a sixth ‘no-no’ to the list even though I feel like this shouldn’t even need to be said. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT EVER swear on your business facebook page unless your audience is full of sweary types themselves, and even then think twice. I know a couple of people who can get away with this because it’s totally part of them and their brand but even they do it in a considered way.

So, there you go. I’d love to know what you think and if you’ve got any more to add!

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  1. Samantha

    Agree with number 2. In fact, I often find that shared posts get the most views and because of that, they get more engagement for your own page. Win, win!

    • kerrie murray

      great tips , although i should know most its good to have a little refresh x

  2. Sade

    Great tips and hopefully more people will pick up on them! Love it when small businesses (especially in my industry of Party Planning/Direct Selling) show integrity and respect on their pages – and in their operations too!

  3. Pippy May

    I have been reading the tip from this page, and I try and share what the page is about being shabby chic decor as well as items I have in my shop. I only post these sale posts on Tuesdays abd Thursdays. But I do a nightly post bidding everyone a goodnight but I also share a little about my working day. I guess it allows my page fans to understand that I work very hard at what I do and it makes me approachable if they comment or ask a question or even bid me a good night. Some of my page fans love the interactive and an insight into my day as well as me sharing photos of my home and gorgeous gardens.
    I find that showing that there is a real person with warmth and humour behind the page is a reason for them to be on my page gets people engaged in commenting and sharing.
    I have made some wonderful friends who look forward to my posts and creating a dialogue either on the page or via messages.

  4. Kate Ferrer

    Hi, can I just ask for clarification on the like and share aspect. I wasn’t aware of this and still not entirely sure what you mean by this. I have just recently started promoting a competition via my facebook page. People enter by submitting a drawing via my email. I have asked them to share my post about the competition so that more people will enter… is this the same thing? Is it allowed? I have paid FB to boost the advert of the competition which has been successful, but now I am not sure if it is allowed.

    • Claire Mitchell

      Hi Kate, you can ask people to like your post as a condition of entry to the competition but you can’t ask them to share as a CONDITION. You can encourage them to spread the word, just not make it part of the entry requirements x


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