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Small business planning
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From marketing and planning, social media to selling, productivity to products and services, mindset, money and super customers, you will find blogs, courses and classes, videos and podcasts to help you grow your gorgeous business

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The Girls Mean Business is here to help YOU! We are here to get you up to speed on the marketing stuff you need to know. We’re here to translate the tricky, techie marketing stuff into simple, easy-to-understand steps you can follow and implement in your business. It’s all good

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Does Selling Make You Feel Sick?

Does Selling Make You Feel Sick?

I had a chat with a lady last week who wasn’t telling people about her new business because she didn’t want to come across as being salesy. She was scared of being a pest and the mind monkeys in her head were telling her all sorts of negative things. ‘What if people...

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Your Customer’s Shoes

Your Customer’s Shoes

Have you ever found yourself sighing at your phone as yet another customer asks you the same questions, even though you've explained EVERYTHING on your website and social media? "All you have to do is read the description" you...

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I finally have a plan!

I love the way Claire is positive whilst still being honest and realistic. Claire’s podcasts are great – I listen to them while I’m walking the dog so instead of worrying about pointless stuff, I have ideas and am in a positive frame of mind for the day. In 6 years of running this business (which I kind of fell into whilst escaping my proper job as a primary school teacher!) this is the first time that I have a long term plan (with options!) and feel that I have taken charge, rather than feeling like I’m just drifting along. Thanks Claire 
Kelly Barrett – Impact Tuition Urmston

Her positivity is contagious

Whenever I feel like giving up on my business, I listen to one of the modules in Claire’s courses. Her positivity and enthusiasm is contagious and her advice never fails to get me back on track again.

Tanya Sturges

You have made a massive difference

I just wanted to come back to you and say thank you. I have been going for almost 8 years now and for the last 6 years I have implemented all you have taught through your courses and general good advice… So a big thank you for your inspiration and consistent commitment for being there all the time. You have made a massive difference to me and my business.
Anne-Marie Bruce Lovejoy-Kerr