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Newsletters are great for business. They help you keep in touch with subscribers, build the relationship that you started on social media and remind them why they subscribed, so you stay top of mind.
They also give your business a chance to be seen when social media is being unpredictable.
They can help drive sales – whenever I send an email I get sales. You could, too.
Don’t overthink it. It’s just a little note to people who have said they would like to hear from you regularly. You’re not being a pest.
Here’s what to do, so you start as you mean to go on:
  • Quickly plan out the next 3 months’ e-newsletters (even if you only have 10 subscribers).
  • Come up with topics, seasonal ideas and themes to take you through to Oct/Nov.
  • Draft out your next newsletter like this:
1. Little introduction from you with an update on you and your business. Be yourself.
2. Featured product or service and why it’s amazing (with link to buy)
3. Testimonial or review
4. Little tip or suggestion for the month.
5. Coming up soon.
It’s basic, but it will get you started if you are stuck. You can always tailor it and build on it as you get used to it.


Send a newsletter this week.
I’ve just given you the format, you can do this.
Don’t sweat it. Do one next month too and you’ll soon be on a roll.