Am I Marketing Too Much?

It’s a topic that never fails to get a discussion going because it brings out one of our deepest fears.

“But what if people think I’m a pest?”

There, I’ve said it.

This fear that ‘people’ will judge you and get upset at your marketing. And they won’t like you. And they’ll unsubscribe from your newsletters. And they might even make a nasty comment.

Oh, the shame.

Let me just set something straight here.

  • If people don’t know about you, how can they buy from you?
  • If you don’t tell people how you can solve their problems, how will they know what you do? And whether you’re right for them?
  • If you don’t shout about what you’re doing, how do you expect people to know?

Have you ever bought a product you’ve never heard of?

No, me neither…

Are you expecting your customers to be mind readers??? (If you are, good luck with that one)

And I’m not just talking new customers, here.

No! In fact half of your business should be coming from existing customers.

Staying in touch with existing customers is CRUCIAL  and they are much more likely to buy from you than people who have only just found you. Why?

Because they’ve already experienced your business – they know you, they trust you, they know what you do, they like your stuff.

They don’t need to be convinced.

Just reminded.

So What Do You Do?

How do you do all this marketing to new and existing customers without being labelled a pest?

Well, first of all, here’s something  you need to know.

Your Super Customers won’t think you’re a pest if you send them relevant, timely, irresistible stuff. They will be happy that you’re keeping in touch, they love hearing from you. They’ll be excited when you bring out new products, they’ll even tell their friends! They will take your reminders as just that, reminders and they’ll probably even thank you for sending them (my ladies do, I get thank you emails when I remind them a sale deadline is looming).

And everyone else? Well, to be frank, who cares what they think?

If they aren’t Super Customers and they were never going to buy, why do you want to keep them happy?

In the nicest possible way, you’re not here for your entertainment value (unless you’re a clown in which case disregard that comment) you’re here to build a business based on providing products and services that your SUPER CUSTOMERS love. Stuff everyone else! They can unsubscribe, unlike your Facebook page, unfollow you on Twitter – who cares? They were never going to buy, anyway. Let them go with love and a blessing, to find their perfect fit supplier.

So, I’m Not Really A Pest?

Not if you handle your marketing right, no. But let’s not take any chances.

Here are 5 things you can do to make sure that your ideal customers LURVE your marketing and keep buying from you.

1. Always write your marketing for your ideal customer.

ONLY for your ideal customer. Don’t hedge your bets. Focus on their specific issues, problems and challenges and tell them how you are their dream supplier. Show them thing they’ll love, show that you understand what they need, make it clear you are the perfect fit for them and them alone.

2. Show them you value them.

Send thank you cards to your top customers. Give them subscriber-only offers and deals. Offer them amazing freebies if they join your mailing list.

3. Ask for their opinion.

Conduct a “How can I improve my service” survey. Call your customers and ask if there’s anything they need help with. You’ll be surprised by some of their answers. If they’re a business, ask them how business is and genuinely listen to their side of things.

4. Keep in touch, regularly.

Don’t give up just because you think your marketing isn’t working. It takes time for someone to get to know you and remember, they will only buy when they are ready to buy. Be consistent and persistent with your marketing. If you’re going to send an e-newsletter, do it regularly. If you’ve got a Facebook page, update it, regularly. If you go to networking events, go regularly.

5. Give GREAT value in your marketing.

Share things your ideal customer will love. Share tips, advice, shortcuts. Inspire them, make them laugh, let them know you’re thinking of them.

It’s not rocket science, is it? It’s just making sure that the people who are most likely to buy from you know that you are there for them, when they need you. And for that reason, when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you because you’ve made the right impression.

So, little worrier, you’re not a pest. Your Super Customers love you. Go out into the world and shout about your amazing business so that all those ideal customers out there don’t need to develop mind-reading skills to find you. You can thank me later 😉


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  1. Angie

    Thank you, needed this for a boost! It’s so true if no one has heard of you or your product/services they are not going to buy.

  2. Chichi

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips. It’s especially important to show our customers that we appreciate them. I like sending thank you cards to ALL of my customers. It’s a great way to deliver an awesome customer experience that people remember. It adds to the bottom line too.


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