Are You A Lurker?

Hands up if you’re a LURKER!

You know what I mean – you scroll down your FB or IG feed and mentally think ‘hmm yes, that’s good’ but you don’t DO anything.

You don’t like or comment or tag because well, you just don’t – you lurk happily in the background but take it all in.

I know you as a business owner think nobody is seeing your posts. They probably are. They might just be happy lurkers.

Food for thought, right? So there are 2 takeaways from this:

1. People probably ARE seeing your posts despite what FB/IG are telling you but maybe you need to ask them to engage – ask them to like, comment, tag, ask them a question they can answer, ask their opinion – prompt them to delurk for a moment and engage.

2. If you’re a lurker, maybe delurk a couple of times a day and make your presence known. Answer a question, like a post, share something good. It’s all about the energy. If you engage, people are more likely to engage back.

SO, before you go and happily lurk again at least let me know you exist – like this, maybe even leave a comment, who knows what lovely things might come your way as a result!

Love, Claire xx

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