Are You Marketing Like My Dog?

Most mornings you’ll find me being dragged through wet grass by a small, noisy, hairy thing that occasionally stops to poop. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day!

I love it because it gives me time to chill after a (usually) frantic school morning. Meggy and I wait with Chloe at the bus stop, wave her off and then we head for the river.

This morning I was laughing at my crazy little puppy.

She LOVES the long grass so instead of sticking to the path, I always head for the ‘ruff’ off to the side (did you see what I did there?).

Meggy’s favourite thing is to run off to one side, chasing butterflies, birds, imaginary rabbits until she runs out of lead, then turn around and run and jump through the grass until she reaches her limit at the other side.

This goes on for an hour! She’s a happy puppy and travels about four times the distance I do, so she’s good and worn out by the time we get home.

This morning, watching her chasing through the grass, it reminded me of you!

Every week on my Facebook page, on Twitter and on my website I get questions from ladies who are struggling with their business. They tell me what they do and guess what? It’s not too much different from my puppy.

They Chase Any Opportunity, Willy Nilly

They chase around after opportunities, never really stopping to think if it’s a GOOD, RELEVANT opportunity that will help them build their business.

They aren’t picky, just like Meggy they get distracted by something flying by and they feel compelled to chase it.

Then they run of out steam, stop for a little while and then get distracted by something flying past in the opposite direction, so off they run again.

No wonder they are tired out!

[Tweet “Be picky about which opportunities to chase, or you’ll wind up exhausted and empty-handed!”]

They Have No Focus

Now I’m not sure Meggy would know what to do with a bird or a butterfly if she caught it but rest assured, she never will.

She has no focus.

She wouldn’t spend time trying to catch any one thing, she just runs after the latest thing to catch her attention.

Does this sound familiar?

How often have you sat down to get something done and been distracted by social media, texts, emails, a neighbour, in fact anything that is going on around you when what you NEED to do is focus on one thing and get it finished.

[Tweet “Distractions will wreck your business – you can’t build a business if you never finish anything”]

They Go The Long Way Round

I told you that Meggy probably walks 4 times as far as me, by the time she’s run backwards and forwards and out to the side, criss-crossing my path 100 times at least during the walk.

Talk about the long way round!

How many times have you gone the long way round in your business?

How many times have you had to re-learn something because you didn’t write it down the first time?

How often have you redone something several times because you didn’t plan it out before you started?

How much time have you wasted overthinking when you just need a clear vision and targets, and it would be obvious what you need to do?

[Tweet “Are you going the long way round in your business? Time to get clear on your goals!”]

So, my puppy and your business might have more in common than you think.

In Meggy’s case it’s a great thing that she tires herself out during our morning walk but for you, not so good!

You need to put your energy and attention into the thing that will make a difference in your business – the things that will take your business forward.

You don’t have surplus resources to waste chasing after ill-thought-through opportunities, being sidetracked by distractions or taking the long way round.

My challenge to you today is to learn from my puppy and do the OPPOSITE – leave the puppy approach to marketing to others who don’t know better!

If you loved this blog, I’d love to hear from you. Are YOU guilty of the puppy approach? Do you see other people doing it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Love, Claire xx

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  1. Lowri Steffan

    thanks Claire, I really enjoyed reading that with my cuppa – OK focus focus and a deep breath- today is the day I am going to write and publish my first blog – I’ll let you know how I get on Lx

    • Claire Mitchell

      Brilliant news, Lowri! Get it done as soon as you can, then you can breathe easy and know you’ve just ticked a BIG job off your to-do list xx


    I think I do this all the time, I am trying to drive traffic to me web site with no clear plan, i tweet and share on face book willy nilly but i need a clear plan, a structure that i can measure if its effective. What would you suggest. thank you for a great read and making me rethink my approach x

    • Claire Mitchell

      Lisa, you need to get really clear on who you want to attract to your business. You can’t market to everyone so you need to market to the people who are most likely to buy. There are lots of blogs and podcasts about Ideal Customers on my site so have a quick look – it will help with your website traffic marketing and your social media (and pretty much everything else!) xx

  3. Jo

    That makes so much sense that you actually giggle when reading it as you recognise at least one or two distractions that I often let catch me out! So, here’s to making a coffee and re-focussing right now! x

    • Claire Mitchell

      Jo, go for it! Distractions creep up on you before you know it – at least you’ve recognised them now 🙂 Make it a LARGE coffee and get loads done xx

  4. Dana da Ponte

    Loved this because I totally relate. In fact it was just what I needed to hear this morning. I notice I switch direction and focus whenever I’m not making as much money as I need. I get panicky and think, “This isn’t working. Maybe I need to do this instead.” So instead of giving anything the time it needs to mature and ripen, I woukd move from one idea to the next. I used to do this to such a degree that I was definitely a puppy chasing its own tail. Thanks for keeping me on track.

  5. Julie Day

    I was guilty of this the last couple of years when I was an affiliate with a network marketing co. I promoted to everyone. Now I have learnt who my ideal customers are and now market to them.

  6. Kim Hawkins

    Makes sense Claire. You’ve put a great analogy into words that business owners can relate to. Aside from having a plan, it’s important to break the plan down into baby steps too. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

  7. Natalie

    Tired.. Need to refocus, re evaluate
    Thanks for bring me back from the butterflies! X

  8. Lisa

    I LOVED this post and this is me to a tee. I have so many ideas, but I have this awful trait of starting something but I get sidetracked and start something else, and then again. I’ve been working on this and trying to work in segments, giving myself an allotted amount of time per task and it seems to be working 🙂


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