3 Words You Need to Stop Saying

3 Words You Need to Stop Saying

There are 3 words that pop up in my Facebook groups day after day and they are so destructive.

  • They make you feel stressed.
  • They make you feel you’re not good enough.
  • They pile on pressure where there doesn’t need to be any.
  • They make you feel overwhelmed and paralysed.
  • They never let you move on and do the good stuff.

Maybe you have said them too? If so, you need to stop!

What are they?


Have you said this?

If you have, you are definitely not alone.

I think we often say it out of habit but it’s a habit we need to break.


Because it doesn’t help you ONE LITTLE BIT.

It doesn’t help you move on. It doesn’t make you feel like tackling anything; in fact it does the opposite.

When you say ‘I’m so behind’ you immediately feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You feel you have to ‘catch up’ before you can move on.

How does that help? It doesn’t!

The truth is you are not ‘behind’ because there is no deadline. You go at your own pace.

If you haven’t got around to setting up your email list, updating your website or watching all the classes and courses you have bought it’s probably because they felt TOO BIG TO TACKLE and you’re a busy person, right?

If you want to stop feeling like this, think about your business right now and use my TEN MINUTE LIST method on it.

STEP ONE: GRAB A NOTEBOOK AND PEN. Do a brain dump, get all your big jobs and ‘to-do’s out of your head and onto paper until your brain is empty (work, business, personal, all of them) so you have processing space in your brain to think.

STEP TWO: BREAK DOWN ALL THE BIG JOBS into their tiniest possible tasks (ideally these take 10 minutes or less to do).
‘Finish my website’ (huge job) is actually lots of tiny tasks such as write product descriptions, sort payment links, find images, add blog, do product photos, it’s made up of lots of tiny tasks.

A TINY TASK could also be replying to an email, writing a Facebook post, taking a pic for Instagram, booking an appointment, writing a paragraph of a blog, updating a price on your website, creating a FB post in Canva, watching 10 minutes of a class, scoping out a blog, doing a bit of research, making a call, sending a text, coming up with product or service ideas, anything your business needs.

STEP THREE: CREATE A TEN-MINUTE LIST. Put all your TINY TASKS onto a list you can have with you. I have mine on a notepad app on my phone but you can also scribble your ten-minute list onto paper and carry it around in your pocket or bag.

STEP FOUR: TACKLE ONE TINY TASK AT A TIME and cross it off your list. You will soon see your list shrink and your feeling of accomplishment grow as you whiz through your ten-minute list. Honestly, I’ve achieved massive things in tiny windows of time just because they were there on a list and I could tackle them even when I was busy.

Even HUGE projects can be broken down into tiny tasks and tackled in ten-minute windows.

  • If you are waiting for the kettle to boil, do a tiny task.
  • If you are parked-up waiting for the kids in the car, do a tiny task.
  • If you have an hour spare, do a few tiny tasks.
  • If you have a ten minute window between other things, do a tiny task.

It’s all about using those tiny windows of time to get things done on your tiny task list.

Tiny tasks add up to HUGE results. And if you really need to tackle a BIG TASK that needs more than ten minutes, book out a couple of hours in your diary and make it happen.

You’re not behind and you can do this.

Love, Claire xx

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How Do You Market a ‘Boring’ Business?

How Do You Market a ‘Boring’ Business?

I got asked this recently – how do I market my boring business? Do you know what the lady does? She’s an accountant. 

She said ‘I can’t take photos of pretty things to put on instagram, my business isn’t exciting, nobody really wants to use an accountant, how do I market myself?’

My answer was ‘firstly, people might not want to use you but they have to use an accountant, so why not you?

Secondly you’re not boring either as a person or a business, we just need to find your people.’

When you’re in a service business, whether you’re a solicitor or accountant, tax advisor or will writer, it might not feel like you have anything exciting to offer.

The truth is, EXCITING isn’t the right word. When we need accountants or solicitors or will writers we’re not looking for excitement, we’re looking for expert help and a safe pair of hands.

We have lots of fears and worries around these types of services – the main ones being ‘what if I get it wrong’ and ‘how much is this going to cost me’ because often professional services are seen as expensive necessities.

Also, we’re a bit scared of people who know about law and taxes because it can feel like a secret language and we think we’re going to be hit with an eye-watering bill without knowing what it’s for.

SO if you are in this type of business you need to address those fears and worries because if you do, your people will come to you.

In the accountant’s case it was about transparency, in other words ‘no nasty shocks!’ That was her main message. In other words making her services and prices really clear and explaining what was included, what was extra, what was a ‘nice to have’ and what was mandatory.

It was about having different packages so people knew what it was going to cost them and about payment plans if they want them.

It was about decoding the secret language so non-accountants understand it.

She needs to talk about the GOOD STUFF too, how she helps businesses to save money and make money (she had some great examples of both to turn into case studies).

She needs to talk about the things that are confusing and worrying small business owners around accounting and dispel lots of myths and confusion.

She needs to become the trusted, down-to-earth, go-to person who explains things in simple terms to people who are worried and she needs to write some blogs so she turns up in Google searches as a small-business accounting expert.

And remember I said she’s not a boring person? 

She needs to PACK her business full of her PERSONALITY. Even though she’s a safe pair of hands and an expert doesn’t mean she’s had her personality removed!

Just because yours is a serious business doesn’t mean you have to shut down your personality. And actually by being yourself you will automatically repel people who are not a good fit (which is a GOOD thing because not all customers are good customers).

If you want a pink sparkly accounting website to attract amazing women business owners, do it! If you want to be the goth accountant, or the rockabilly accountant DO IT! You will attract your people, there are lots of them and they will love the fact you’re a kindred spirit.

So, I don’t know any boring businesses. Every business has its place in the world – it’s up to you to show how you help and why they should choose you. You’re amazing!

Love, Claire xx

Are You A Lurker?

Are You A Lurker?

Hands up if you’re a LURKER!

You know what I mean – you scroll down your FB or IG feed and mentally think ‘hmm yes, that’s good’ but you don’t DO anything.

You don’t like or comment or tag because well, you just don’t – you lurk happily in the background but take it all in.

I know you as a business owner think nobody is seeing your posts. They probably are. They might just be happy lurkers.

Food for thought, right? So there are 2 takeaways from this:

1. People probably ARE seeing your posts despite what FB/IG are telling you but maybe you need to ask them to engage – ask them to like, comment, tag, ask them a question they can answer, ask their opinion – prompt them to delurk for a moment and engage.

2. If you’re a lurker, maybe delurk a couple of times a day and make your presence known. Answer a question, like a post, share something good. It’s all about the energy. If you engage, people are more likely to engage back.

SO, before you go and happily lurk again at least let me know you exist – like this, maybe even leave a comment, who knows what lovely things might come your way as a result!

Love, Claire xx

It’s Not About You

It’s Not About You

When you run a small business it’s personal. You’re selling YOU – your time, your expertise, your creations.

When it comes to marketing, your natural tendency is to market it for someone like you, who understands why your product or service is so fabulous.

You don’t share the benefits. You don’t say how great it is.. You don’t show how it can help them.

You don’t sell it. It’s because you don’t want to brag or sound big-headed or show-offy because you’re not like that.

It even affects your pricing because you price based on what YOU think it’s worth to you.

The thing is, it’s not about you. Let me explain.

When I buy something I don’t buy it based on what it’s worth to you. I buy it based on what it’s worth to me.

I know if it’s right for me or not and if I can see the value, I’ll buy it.

What I DO need to know though is whether it’s right for me.

I need to understand how it can help, why it’s perfect for what I need.

I need to know about the extra bits you incorporate to make it even more special.

I need you to sell it to me.

You can do that.

Your Virtual Shop Window

Your Virtual Shop Window

With online shopping, you have a job to do. You need to show off your products or services to potential buyers without being able to show or demonstrate them in person.

If we can’t see or touch or smell your products, you have to do the best you possibly can to make up for that and the better you can do it, the more likely we are to buy.

If we can’t have you there in person to explain how your service will help us, you need to get that message across LOUD and CLEAR in your marketing.

Whether it’s blogs, product descriptions, videos or social media posts you have to assume we know nothing and tell us why we need to know about what you are selling.

What is it? How can it help us? Who is it perfect for? What kind of people buy it? What feedback are you getting? Who is it helping? What are your success stories? And don’t forget the basics – colour, size, weight, texture, scent, how it feels or works – if they matter to your customers.

You need to be our virtual shop window. If we can’t see it for ourselves, you have to explain it for us without us having to send a dozen messages. It’s up to you to preempt what you think we need to know.

Your website and your social media are the places to do this. When I go to them I want to see what you sell and I want to know if it’s for me – so I need you to do all the explaining and make it really easy for me to buy. OK?