Blending In Is Bad For Business

Blending In Is Bad For Business

In every industry at any given time there is a ‘style’ that people follow. Sometimes it’s a type of product or service, sometimes it’s branding, sometimes it’s a certain way of marketing. Should you jump on that bandwagon? Well, here’s my opinion.

When you do what everyone else in your industry is doing, you blend in. You become harder to distinguish from your competitors. The problem with that is, when everyone looks the same, then how do customers decide who do buy from?

The bad news is it usually comes down to price. I mean, what else do they have to go on when it’s a sea of samey businesses?

My advice is to ignore those trends and stop wanting to be like everyone else, however tempting it might be to follow the crowd. It’s much easier to stand out and be seen when you are different from everyone else.

How can you do this?

Be yourself. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Share your story. Be visible. Build relationships. People buy people and when they find you, they will love you!
Create your own vibe. If everyone else is doing pastel pink and gold (as they are in my industry) then be the BOLD COLOURFUL one. Not everyone will like it, which is great because those who love it will be your people.

Forge your own path. Just because everyone else in your industry is offering the latest thing, you focus on something else. Not everyone wants the latest thing. Some people want existing things done better.

It’s time to stop blending in and start standing out for all the right reasons. I know you can do this!

Let The Money In

Let The Money In

A funny thing happens with lots of business owners.

They get all excited about setting up in business, selling things they love and making some money but they forget to let the money in.

I know that sounds really weird but let me explain.

There are lots of ways you can BLOCK money getting into your business.

  • By making it difficult to buy
  • By not making it clear how you can help
  • By not pricing properly
  • By not asking for the sale
  • By not thinking you are worth it
  • By not telling people about your business

Do you do any of those things? If so, you are definitely not alone. But now you’ve realised what’s stopping the money getting in, let’s do something about it – starting today, OK?

Are you making it difficult to buy?

Look at your website – is it easy to navigate, are the photos good? Are the prices clear? Do all the links work? Look at your social media – is it working for you? Are you showing off your products or services in the best light? Are you putting prices on there with links to buy? If not, do those things today.

Are you making it clear how you can help?

Are you just dumping a post on social media and running? Or are you thinking about how each post will speak to potential buyers and how it will show them why you’re a great fit? It might be obvious to you but you’re not the buyer – make sure you are really clear on what you sell and why it’s perfect for your audience.

Are you pricing too cheaply?

Most people don’t want cheap, they want good value. Price your products and services at a level that gives you a decent profit while giving the customer amazing value. Sometimes you have to really spell out the value. Some people will think you’re too expensive and that’s fine – others will think you’re just right for them. Focus on them.

Are you asking for the sale?

I often see people post beautiful pieces of work on social media, or sharing great customer reviews about their service. The trouble is, I have no idea if they are just sharing this or whether it’s actually for sale. Can I buy it? If I can, tell me in the post. Why not post a link to buy it too? Pop it in the comments and tell us it’s there.

Are you doubting your worth?

OK hands up if you underprice because you are worried you’re not good enough or you’re worried what people will think? Can I just say you ARE worth it, you are amazing and what you sell is amazing too. You need to make sure you tell us about it, about what it will do for us and why it’s fab. You know it’s fab because you made it, right? Share that love!

Are you hiding?

If you don’t like talking about yourself, you don’t want to come across as ‘salesy’ or you forget to post about your business on social media you are DEFINITELY NOT letting the money in. How can we find you if you’re not showing up? Most of your future customers don’t even know you exist yet! Get out there and show us why we need to follow you.

Even if you do just one or two of these things, you are gradually unblocking that money pipe that is blocked and bunged up with fears and excuses. The more you get rid of, the more the money can flow to you. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and get your metaphorical plunger ready? Off you go and have fun!

How to Build a Profitable Cake Business – Interview with Chinelo Awa of Good Cake Day

How to Build a Profitable Cake Business – Interview with Chinelo Awa of Good Cake Day

I have a real treat for you.

Chinelo Awa runs Good Cake Day and Good Cake Day Academy. I’ve followed Chinelo’s journey for a few years and she’s just awesome.

She has 4 law & business degrees, moved to the UK from Nigeria aged 18 and for the last 6 years she’s been building her cake businesses first in her spare time and now as a full-time role.

Chinelo started out selling ‘normal’ priced cakes but has raised her prices to suit her ambitions and now sells premium-priced luxury cakes that are so good, people pay hundreds of pounds to get them delivered by taxi to the other side of the country.

She has a premium brownie subscription and also spent last year building up her Academy, where she flew in top cake-decorating instructors from Australia to run sold-out classes in London.

This year Chinelo has pivoted her business and has taken her Good Cake Day Academy online, teaching others how to create her signature luxury designs AND teaching them how to raise their prices and create an amazingly profitable cake business.

In our interview, Chinelo shares her story of how she did it in her own, unique way and shares some great thoughts on business, pricing and ATTITUDE – watch it and you’ll see why I LOVE her. Also you’ll probably pick up some amazing tips while you’re there, no matter what business you’re in!

Chinelo’s website is and her instagram accounts are and

I know Chinelo and I would love your thoughts and feedback so please come say hello in the comments and tell us your favourite bit of the interview.

I have more interviews planned and I’m going to be sharing useful tips and advice on taking your business online so make sure you SUBSCRIBE!

Love, Claire xx

How to Find Your Super Customer (and Why You Need One)

How to Find Your Super Customer (and Why You Need One)


If you haven’t found your Super Customer yet, you need to watch this. I’ve added subtitles so click the CC symbol on the video to activate them.

Most business owners start out trying to market to everyone, then wonder why they get lukewarm results. It’s a much better use of your time, money and energy to market to the people who are the best fit for your business – these are your Super Customers (also known as ideal customers or ideal clients).

If you want to know where to start, or you have tried this already and are still stuck, watch this and it should help.

[0:00] Super Customer Masterclass

[02:01] Why Super Customers are so important

10.06 Different Types of Customer

[10:57] BAD Customers

[17:30] Bread & Butter Customers

[20:32] Super Customers

[26:56] Business balance

[29:40] Finding Your Super Customers

[37:48] Attracting Your Super Customers

[41:00] Converting Them

I’ve created a set of worksheets for you, to accompany this class. They will help you capture your Super Customer ideas and they are very handy to have in front of you whenever you are doing any marketing in your business.

Why not sign up for my newsletter too? I send out little marketing hugs each week and tell you when I have more classes, courses and other fab resources to help you grow your gorgeous business.

 Love, Claire xx 

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Please Don’t Feed The Mind Monkeys

Please Don’t Feed The Mind Monkeys

Mind Monkeys are tricky little things. They live inside your head and throw negativity at you any time you try to do something new and brave.
Their favourite hobby is telling you all the reasons why something won’t work, for example ‘nobody will pay that!’ or ‘you’re too old for this’ or ‘who do you think you ARE’ or ‘who would want to listen to YOU?’
You get the idea. There are lots of reasons why we get them but rest assured, we DO get them. Yes, even me.
The 2 most important things you can learn about Mind Monkeys are firstly, they LIE and secondly, THEY ONLY APPEAR WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.
They lie because they tell you the things you dread hearing but they are not true. They will base their snide little comments on things that happened in the past or things you have read/heard/seen that prove they are right.
For example:
Mind Monkey: What make you think you can run a business? Remember when the maths teacher told you you were no good at maths 36 years ago? How are you going to deal with the numbers? You’re going to fail! (actually example from my life…)
Me: 😳🤔
(As it happens, my maths teacher was kind of right because I didn’t pass my maths O Level even after 4 attempts but here I am with 2 really successful businesses) I learned along the way and I know all the maths I need to know to make lots of profit.
I’m sure you have your own version of this. But let me tell you something. The Mind Monkeys are lying. They are wrong. They can’t predict the future.
Also, when they appear, CHALLENGE them.
Why are they saying this? What do you have to lose? Again, what’s the worst that can happen? Do you really want to be kept down because your maths teacher didn’t believe in you years ago or your family used to tell you that ‘people like you’ will never be rich?
My take on Mind Monkeys now is very different to most people’s because I welcome them.🐵🦸🏻‍♀️
I know if I get Mind Monkeys it’s because I’m about to do something new and brave – something which will help me grow as a person AND grow my business.
And no matter how much the Mind Monkeys want to stop me, I’m going to ignore them (or mentally zap them with my imaginary ray gun) and keep going with my plan.
If you feed the Mind Monkeys with your fears, they will hold you back and stop you growing.
Please don’t feed the Mind Monkeys – walk past and go do the new, brave thing that set them off in the first place.