Be brave  .  Be strong  .  Just get out there and do it!  Love, Claire Mitchell x

Ready to fast-track your business FROM FLAT TO FANTASTIC BY FEBRUARY 2018?

Have you had enough dreaming and are ready for some DOING?

Need some support and gentle bum kicks to make it happen?

I have exactly what you need.


It’s time to pull up your Big Girl Knickers™ and get building your awesome business – fast!

5 months


10 ‘GET IT DONE’ IMPLEMENTation calls with me, business coach and marketing expert Claire Mitchell.

My Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp is designed to get you out of your rut, past your blocks and onto a fast growth path.

That wildly successful business and local celebrity status as an overnight success (well a 5 month one anyway) is within your reach. You might even get your picture in the papers so start window shopping the Jimmy Choos now!



Join me and a bunch of other awesome small business owners with huge plans and the determination to make them happen. 

It’s exactly what you need right now! (But you know that anyway…)

What the heck are Big Girl Knickers™?

There’s a saying in the UK that when you’re scared of doing something, you just need to put on your big girl knickers and get on with it. It’s about being brave, being strong and just doing it.
And that’s what the Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp is all about.

I know it’s hard work and scary running a business

you get caught up in the day to day work in your business and never get around to working on your business.

You get stuck. Caught up in the details. Too busy to raise your head above the parapet. And your business strategy and growth never gets the attention it deserves. So you stay stuck. Oh, and you’re scared of being TOO successful in case you can’t cope. Sound familiar?

Aaaaaaaagh! It’s PANTS!


Pants : adjective
meaning (British slang) rubbish, no good, useless

But if you can’t break that cycle, you will NEVER grow your business!

  • Do you want to be one of those businesses that never reaches its potential?
  • Do you want to look back in a few years and think ‘was that it?’

No, I didn’t think so! You’re like me.

You want more from your business.

You want to stretch yourself and do what you know you are capable of.

You want to help more people, achieve more things and look back one day and say ‘I DID THAT!!’

And you can! So stop getting your knickers in a twist.

What you need right now

You need goals for your business, linked to how you want your life to look.

You need a strategy that will help you achieve your goals

You need to be thinking bigger and working at a higher level

And most of all, you need to be DOING. Implementing everything you learn, there and then.

Because, learning is fine but it’s not helping you unless you put it into practise. And that’s where I can help.

it’s time to put on your big girl knickers™ and get building your amazing business.

What IS The Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp?

It’s a 5 month, action-packed, bum-kicking bootcamp, designed to get you out of your own way and making more money in your business.

5 months

10 modules

10 group strategy & implementation calls with business and marketing coach Claire Mitchell

Bum-kicking emails

A GET IT DONE Facebook group

This is not for the faint hearted

It’s not for people who are happy to coast along in their business.

This is a DOING course.

Over the 5 months, we work together to cover some CRACKING stuff that will have a huge impact on your business.

Let me tell you what the Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp is all about and you’ll be able to see right away if it’s for you.

Here’s what your Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp Covers…

{ Phase 1 }

Firm foundations

Modules 1 -4 are the foundation modules.

We cover:

1. Your 5 month to 5 Year Plan

2. Super Customer Matrix

3. Awesome Product  Lab

4. Marketing Success Plan


{ Phase 2 }

Strategic Marketing

Modules 5 – 10 gives you marketing ninja status

We cover:

5. Social Media Strategy & Implementation

6. Content Strategy & Implementation

7. Video Strategy & Implementation

8. List Building & E-Marketing Strategy

{ Phase 3 }

Sales machine

Modules 9 & 10 get you out there and selling

We cover:

9. Profile Building Strategy & Implementation

10. Awesome Sales Strategy

You Get Lifetime Access To The content*

Yes – you read that right!

Buy this programme once and you get lifetime access to the content*
You can apply this learning to any business you have now or in the future. And if you need a refresher, just work through the content again. Good, eh?

*for as long as the course exists.

Here’s what some of my previous Big Girl Knickers ladies have said:

“I now approach what I’m doing in a more business-like way and am slowly but surely getting my self-belief back.”

It took me a long time to realise that I was funding a very expensive hobby but with Claire’s guidance I now approach what I’m doing in a more business-like way and am slowly but surely getting my self-belief back. I now sign up for everything suitable for me and I know that without Claire’s guidance and amazing programmes, my life would be very different. Thank you Claire

Carole Holmes

Mellow Skincare

“I couldn’t believe how my vision of my business changed, from hobby to a proper professional business with some serious aspirations.”

I thought it was about time I wrote a testimonial for Claire as she has changed my life! When I first heard about Claire Mitchell’s coaching I was a business newbie, struggling with a dying business and knew nothing about anything.

Barely a year after first starting coaching with Claire, and after only 8 months of working on my design and online creative training business I am now well on track to bringing in £40k this financial year. Claire is always on hand with advice which is always spot on and opens doors and her schedule of experts and accountability tasks each week always get me thinking and inspire me to move out of my comfort zone. I am now thinking on a completely different level and with Claire’s wonderfully down to earth and capable advice I can actually see my dreams coming true. Thank you so much x

Katherine Reynolds

Business Beautician Ltd

What Sort Of Business Does It Work For?

It’s designed for businesses that are ready to grow.

Have you been stuck around the same turnover level for a while?

Are you busy and stressed but not that profitable?

Do you know your business has potential, you just don’t know what to do next?

Are you sick of trying to break out of this rut and get some proper business growth?

Are you tired of trying to do this by yourself?

Maybe you’re stuck on the starting blocks, not sure what to do first?

If any of these describe you, then you’re probably the right kind of person for Big Girl Knickers™.

I have to give you a heads up – it might be a bit of a shock to your system (especially if you’ve been coasting for a while) because we are going to get stuck in and actually DO while we learn.

As we work through each module together, we will put our new knowledge into practise.

So, by the end of the 5 months, (as long as you keep up) you should be MILES ahead of where you are now, in terms of sales, profit and profile.

It works for all business types and sectors because what I teach isn’t based on a type of business model. What I teach is MARKETING THAT WORKS.

The BEST news is that I’ve taken modules, knowledge and personal support from me worth over £8500 and bundled them together for an FANTASTIC PRICE.

The ladies who have been through the previous version of this programme before had amazing results – going through my programme literally turned their business around and took them from stuck to successful.

Ladies just like you!

“I decided to sign up to ‘Big Girls Knickers™ because I wasn’t interested in muddling along or figuring it out for myself

I just wanted to learn from an expert. Claire is certainly that! Her modules are absolutely crystal clear and packed with information. It was one of the best decisions I ever made to sign up.

Running your own business can be an exciting, but sometimes lonely, experience. As soon as I joined Claire’s programme-and I mean within days of joining, I was connecting with other women and gaining valuable support and encouragement. I am now taking action on making a business that is fun to run and helps me to create a wonderful life.

Jo Cremins

Blujelly Copywriting UK

“Claire always delivers much more than I expect.“

Claire Mitchell has the talent to be 100% professional and yet in her video trainings and webinars to seem like a welcome friend who just popped round. She always seems to talk just to me for she knows exactly how people who are overwhelmed with the challenges of social media feel. She identifies the problems and shows how to solve them.

I have learnt so much from her and profited from the excellent support groups on Facebook.

Claire always delivers much more than I expect. I’m very glad I joined her courses and am a member of her community.

Cecilia Runciman


What Do You Actually Get?

Want to know a little bit more about what is included? Are you ready?
OK, deep breath…..

Everyone starts at the same time, with the same module – we work through a module every 2 weeks, giving you time to learn, then implement before moving onto the next one.

We will have a timetable so you know when the calls are, when the modules are released and what you need to try to achieve by when.

Every module will give you a bunch of bite-sized videos, walking you through exactly what you need to know to get your head around each topic and be able to put it into practise, right away.

Your fellow students will be working on the same topics as you, so you learn and brainstorm together.

You’ll get worksheets and templates, where necessary. You’ll get demo videos where you need them.

I explain what you need to do, why you need to do it and HOW to do it – that’s the most important bit.
I’ll share tools, resources and software that I think might be useful.

I’ll hold 10 strategy & implementation group calls across the 5 months of the programme.

These calls will be focused on where you are getting stuck. They are your chance to pick my brains, ask me and the group for advice, and get unstuck so you can happily move to the next module.

I’ll be around in the Facebook group too, so you can ask questions there. The best way to use the Facebook group is as a support network – a place full of people just like you, who can give you feedback, brainstorm with you, hold you accountable and help you work through your challenges. It’s also a place to celebrate and share your achievements.

Finally, I won’t bombard you but I will send regular bum-kick emails to let you know when new modules are available and remind you of our Strategy and Implementation Call dates and times.

1. Your 5 month to 5 year plan

Getting you really clear on what you want, and by when. It’s time to create your future business.

We’ll set goals to aim for over the 5 months and beyond. This is about starting as you mean to go on and giving you short, medium and long term targets to help you achieve the business and life you want. We’ll look at what you need to do to achieve them, and build an action plan and timeline around your goals.

2. Super Customer matrix

OK so you may have covered Super Customers before but this is the EXPERT way of doing things.

Create your very own Super Customer Matrix – identify your different customer groups and levels,  work out their needs and wants and where you fit. You will end up with a clear map of your potential buyers, along with detailed descriptions of each type to help you with product development, pricing and marketing.

3. Awesome Product Lab

Once you get clear on your Super Customer Matrix we will see where your current products and services fit, which need tweaking and where the gaps are.

We’ll look at creating Super Customer Sales Trains (we’ll work more on these in module 10) and we’ll create a manageable calendar of work for creating the new products/services you will identify, without overloading or overwhelming you.

4. Marketing success Plan

Your head will be bursting with ideas after modules 1-3 and this is where we get it all onto a timeline.

We look at your Super Customer Matrix and your Super Customer Sales Trains and work out what you are going to market, to whom, when and where and how. You will have a clear, actionable marketing implementation plan and timeline tailored to bring more sales into your business – how good is that?

5. Social Media Strategy

Social media is a huge part of marketing and in this module we’ll look at how the biggest platforms work and where they fit for you.

We will take what you learned in module 4 and expand the social media side to come up with a clear strategy for your chosen platforms. We’ll look at automating and scheduling tools and techniques to let you do it with minimum effort.

6. Content Strategy

If your marketing is going to work, you need content.

We’ll identify your core topics of expertise and we’ll look at how to translate them into blogs, articles, website content, social media content and videos to position you properly and wow your fans. Even if you think you can’t write, you definitely can. You know your topics inside out and I’ll help you turn them into marketing content you’ll love.

7. Video Strategy

Videos are crucial if you want to build your business. In this module we’ll look at the different ways to use video and how it could work for you.

We’ll explore the different types of video and how to record them. I’ll share my best video tips with you, too. We’ll look at hosting them, editing them and sharing them. Finally we’ll take your Super Customer Matrix and work out where video fits for your different groups and levels.

8. List & E-Marketing Strategy

To grow your business you MUST grow your subscriber/mailing list.

It’s often an afterthought but after this module you will realise how valuable a good mailing list is. We’ll look at different ways to grow your list, not just in ones or twos but in chunks. We’ll look at segmentation, too. And we’ll look at how to use e-marketing to turn your list into an amazing marketing asset.

9. Profile Building Strategy

If you have big aspirations you’re going to need to get over yourself and build your public profile.

That means positioning yourself as the expert you are in your field (shut up, Mind Monkeys!), getting featured in the media and generally taking control of your brand ‘out there’.We’re talking PR, speaking gigs and more – how to get them and what to do when you do! It’s going to make you squirm but it’s going to be worth it!

10. Awesome Sales Strategy

Let’s round off this AWESOME course with SALES. We’ll take what you’ve learned so far, with your Super Customer Matrix and Super Customer Sales Train and pull it all together into a sales strategy.

We’ll look at launches and sales pages and auto-responders and follow-ups and make sure you have a solid path for every prospect to follow, from the moment they find you. It’s awesome!

The Big Girl Knickers™ Business Bootcamp is a high energy course for business owners with big ideas, who are ready to make it happen.

It’s going to take a lot of work but at the end of it, wowser! Your business won’t know what’s hit it. Can you imagine 5 months of structured, strategic planning and implementation?

Just imagine what you could achieve?


Well, the more time you can make, the better. Every 2 weeks you get a new module and ideally you need to complete each one as you go. You’ll get lots of help and support but only YOU can do this for YOUR business. I’d say a morning or afternoon a week would go a long way towards making this happen but honestly? How important is it to you to grow your business? Exactly. Make the time. The calls are spaced out over the 5 months and will take place on a Monday evening at 7pm UK time.


It happens to the best of us. Life gets in the way. You’ll be fine, I promise.

If it works better for you, you can just work through at your own pace – you will still get all the help and support but you’ll just have to be chilled about the chatter in the group from people who are ahead of you.

Your Mind Monkeys will tell you you’re behind but THERE IS NO BEHIND IN BIG GIRL KNICKERS! It’s your learning at your pace and you are an adult, it’s your responsibility. You just need to do what you need to do and instead of panicking and fretting, just put your energy into building your business as best you can. If you CAN keep up then you’ll grow your business quicker.


Yes! No matter what sector or type of business you are in, this will work because it’s marketing and strategy. They work across all businesses. You’ll have to take what I teach and apply it to your circumstances and business model, but you can do that, right? And if you need help, come into the Facebook group or ask on one of my calls.

how do i know if it’s for me?

It’s for business owners who have got stuck IN the business and know they are not fulfilling their potential.

It’s for business owners who need a bum kick and a structured programme of DOING because they are fed up of coasting and are ready to fly.

It’s for people who can afford to invest in this, knowing that their investment will reap rewards sooner rather than later. We’ll be hitting the ground running, putting what we learn into practise right away so we can see the effects and results of our work and we’ll be measuring our progress as we go.

Over 500 women worldwide have gone through this programme and it’s changed their business dramatically for the better. And that was BEFORE I updated it. Seriously, the new version will blow your mind


The calls will be on a Monday evening at 7pm – I’m giving you that notice now. The actual dates will be in the welcome email. I’ve chosen that time so that it doesn’t interfere with your business and clients and not too late, so you won’t be too tired. I understand it might hit kiddie bedtime, it will in our house too, but I’m moving things around and drafting in help to make it happen, because it’s important.

If you can’t make one or some of the calls, they will all be recorded. The recording will be available shortly afterwards. You will ALWAYS be able to submit your detailed questions in advance and I will answer them even if you can’t make the call. We can always follow up in the group afterwards.

“Very early in, I had the confidence to raise my fees, think BIG and most importantly get into the entrepreneur mindset to take my business to the next level.”

With your Big Girl Knickers on, this Bootcamp provides focus and clarity in your business. The great thing about it is that ‘there is no behind’, so you can make progress working ON alongside actively working IN your business. This is realistic when you have a business already, but just know it can deliver so much more for you. Very early in, I had the confidence to raise my fees, think BIG and most importantly get into the entrepreneur mindset to take my business to the next level.

Claire delivers the BGK Bootcamp in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense & empowering way – I can’t wait to get on with more modules!

Jane Barrett

Nurturing Nutrition, UK


For 5 months of structured training and support

For 10 in-depth modules of my BEST teaching

For 10 group strategy and implementation calls where you can get help with your specific issues in your business

For my personal support in the Facebook group

For regular bum kicks and accountability  

For lifetime access


£1495 incl. VAT

(UNTIL 10pm ON MONDAY 25th September when the doors CLOSE)

I know. Bargain, right?

I mean, just imagine how this programme could impact on your business?

If just ONE idea took off for you, you could make that back within a few months.

And because you can keep going over it and keep applying the learning in new ways as your business grows, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

My VIP programmes with 4 calls start at £3000, and in this programme you get 10 GROUP CALLS WITH ME. It’s a no-brainer for the right business. Are you the right business?

There’s a payment plan if you want to manage your cash flow – you can pay over 6 months at £250 including VAT per month but once you commit, you must pay the full 6 instalments. It’s not a subscription, it’s a payment plan.


Supercharge Your Sales FULL programme £499

Online Coaching Made Easy FULL programme £499


Awesome Goals Journal System £39.99

2018 Awesome Marketing Planner System £39.99* 


*available November 2017

Only you will know if you’re ready.

If you are, The first module is waiting for you now. we’re off!

The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can join the exclusive Facebook group and start preparing for your BIG GIRL KNICKERS™ EXPERIENCE. The doors close on MONDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER. If you join now, you’ll be MILES AHEAD by February. I can’t wait to see what happens!!!

“Hands down the single best investment, other than my vocational training, I have ever made in my business!”

Working with Claire in BGK has been an absolutely amazing experience. Even though I have been in business a long time, marketing and other business skills really weren’t my strength and I am so pleased that I joined BGK! Claire is so knowledgeable and no-nonsense in her approach, breaking everything down into manageable chunks, and her support, and that of the other BGK ladies in the group is just brilliant!

If you work on your own, like me, then I would say that this course is an absolute must!

Alison Belsom

Sunfish Yoga and Therapy, UK

It’s been an exciting journey!

I’m a marketing expert AND a business coach – the two things that you DEFINITELY need right now.

I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School and 15 years in corporate marketing working with some of the biggest companies in the UK (so I know my stuff).

More importantly, I’ve run my own business since 2005, coached hundreds of women across the world to turn their businesses around and helped thousands more women business owners through my Girls Mean Business Facebook page. (Over 93,000 of them so far!)

Ohhhh and did I mention the team at Facebook asked me to come to Ireland to give my feedback and I met their Chief Operating Officer (author, billionaire and totally awesome woman) Sheryl Sandberg? She singled out The Girls Mean Business as one to watch, in front of the world’s press.

Cool, huh?

And I’ve spoken at Facebook’s UK events, sharing what I know and helping more small business owners. I love it!

I’ve taught social media for the British Florist Association and the Irish Kinesiology Association, Raring To Go magazine and the Baby Ballet Franchise. I’ve been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Die Welt, Marie Claire and Closer. I’ve also had my businesses featured on Radio One, BBC 1’s The Apprentice and BBC2.

I love working with women business owners, helping them fulfil their potential and build their business. Until now that was only possible if you bought one of my programmes or signed up an a VIP client, but I understand that’s not within everyone’s reach.

Here’s what some more of my previous Big Girl Knickers™ ladies have said:

“If you are thinking of doing the BGK, just do it, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!!”

Being part of the BGK is more than a business course, it offers so much more. Don’t be put off if you only have a small business and think you’ll be out of your depth, Claire has such a way with her that you find yourself saying “I can do this!”

There are worksheets and webinars that help you through each step of the process, you will learn who your Super Customer is how to market to them and to have the vision to do so, plus if you do get stuck the Facebook group is priceless! The group is a closed group, you can be open here, no question is too silly, you just ask away and get the support and assurance that you need, after all, we are all in the same boat.

If you are thinking for doing the BGK, just do it, you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!! Take it from me, you’ll surprise yourself xx
Good luck!

Anna Gunton

As Nice As Mice, UK

“Working with Claire on Big Girl Knickers Bootcamp has completely transformed my business.”

Before doing the programme my work was mostly local & face to face and I was struggling to get new clients. The programme (and the support from all the ladies in the Facebook group) has given me clarity & vision for my business which I didn’t have before. It has taught me how to make it work for me and my lifestyle by moving it online, helped create a great new structure and given me the marketing skills and knowledge to find my ideal client.

If you are struggling with where to go in your business, need help marketing it as well as support to get there then I can’t recommend the programme enough. I have just finished all the modules and although it took a lot of work to do I know I will get there, and a lot faster than I ever would have done on my own.

Rebecca Boulton

“I wanted to do Big Girl Knickers because Claire Mitchell is amazing at giving you direction & focus. ”

Claire helped me drop one business to focus on a new business helping females in their 20s change careers, which would zone into what works and tap into my expertise & experience in this area. I have more clarity on my ideal client and know exactly where I want to work, the amount of money I want to earn & who I want to spend my time with.

Claire is brilliant at reminding you to stop being distracted by bright shiny objects and work towards your vision.

My mindset has completely changed in terms of believing in myself and creating a business & lifestyle that works for me.

Kerri O’Loane

And that was on the OLD Big Girl Knickers Business Bootcamp. The new version is AMAZING! It’s definitely Fancy Pants special.


If you are ready to grow your business, this is a MUST!



5 months of structured training and support

10 in-depth modules of my BEST teaching

10 group strategy and implementation calls where you can get help with your specific issues in your business

My personal support in the Facebook group

Regular bum kicks and accountability  

For lifetime access


It’s just

£1495 incl. VAT

What’s it worth to you to have a clear plan for growth in your business? To know what products and services to create next (and have buyers in mind as you create them)? To know what marketing to do and when? To think strategically and feel confident that you have a short, medium and long term plan for you business, which means no more business-brain fog, no more coasting and no more flat, stagnant business. Yay!



Supercharge Your Sales FULL programme £499

Online Coaching Made Easy FULL programme £499


Awesome Goals Journal System £39.99

2018 Awesome Marketing Planner System £39.99* 


*available November 2017

I can’t wait to work with you!

Love, Claire xx

PS: If not now, then when? Time to ditch the excuses and get doing!

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