Blending In Is Bad For Business

blending in is bad for business

In every industry at any given time there is a ‘style’ that people follow. Sometimes it’s a type of product or service, sometimes it’s branding, sometimes it’s a certain way of marketing. Should you jump on that bandwagon? Well, here’s my opinion.

When you do what everyone else in your industry is doing, you blend in. You become harder to distinguish from your competitors. The problem with that is, when everyone looks the same, then how do customers decide who do buy from?

The bad news is it usually comes down to price. I mean, what else do they have to go on when it’s a sea of samey businesses?

My advice is to ignore those trends and stop wanting to be like everyone else, however tempting it might be to follow the crowd. It’s much easier to stand out and be seen when you are different from everyone else.

How can you do this?

Be yourself. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. Share your story. Be visible. Build relationships. People buy people and when they find you, they will love you!
Create your own vibe. If everyone else is doing pastel pink and gold (as they are in my industry) then be the BOLD COLOURFUL one. Not everyone will like it, which is great because those who love it will be your people.

Forge your own path. Just because everyone else in your industry is offering the latest thing, you focus on something else. Not everyone wants the latest thing. Some people want existing things done better.

It’s time to stop blending in and start standing out for all the right reasons. I know you can do this!

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