Please Don’t Feed The Mind Monkeys

Please Don’t Feed The Mind Monkeys

Mind Monkeys are tricky little things. They live inside your head and throw negativity at you any time you try to do something new and brave.
Their favourite hobby is telling you all the reasons why something won’t work, for example ‘nobody will pay that!’ or ‘you’re too old for this’ or ‘who do you think you ARE’ or ‘who would want to listen to YOU?’
You get the idea. There are lots of reasons why we get them but rest assured, we DO get them. Yes, even me.
The 2 most important things you can learn about Mind Monkeys are firstly, they LIE and secondly, THEY ONLY APPEAR WHEN YOU’RE GOING TO STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.
They lie because they tell you the things you dread hearing but they are not true. They will base their snide little comments on things that happened in the past or things you have read/heard/seen that prove they are right.
For example:
Mind Monkey: What make you think you can run a business? Remember when the maths teacher told you you were no good at maths 36 years ago? How are you going to deal with the numbers? You’re going to fail! (actually example from my life…)
Me: 😳🤔
(As it happens, my maths teacher was kind of right because I didn’t pass my maths O Level even after 4 attempts but here I am with 2 really successful businesses) I learned along the way and I know all the maths I need to know to make lots of profit.
I’m sure you have your own version of this. But let me tell you something. The Mind Monkeys are lying. They are wrong. They can’t predict the future.
Also, when they appear, CHALLENGE them.
Why are they saying this? What do you have to lose? Again, what’s the worst that can happen? Do you really want to be kept down because your maths teacher didn’t believe in you years ago or your family used to tell you that ‘people like you’ will never be rich?
My take on Mind Monkeys now is very different to most people’s because I welcome them.🐵🦸🏻‍♀️
I know if I get Mind Monkeys it’s because I’m about to do something new and brave – something which will help me grow as a person AND grow my business.
And no matter how much the Mind Monkeys want to stop me, I’m going to ignore them (or mentally zap them with my imaginary ray gun) and keep going with my plan.
If you feed the Mind Monkeys with your fears, they will hold you back and stop you growing.
Please don’t feed the Mind Monkeys – walk past and go do the new, brave thing that set them off in the first place.
You’re Not Forcing Anyone To Buy Anything

You’re Not Forcing Anyone To Buy Anything

You know that feeling of dread you get about being ‘salesy’?
It’s just a mind monkey.
It’s a fear of rejection that pops up when you really don’t need it.
You know you never force anyone to buy anything.
Your job is to show off what you sell so that potential buyers can see and decide if it’s for them.
You need to show off your product or service in its best light, demonstrate the value and give buyers the information they need to be able to buy.
That’s not salesy. That’s you helping them.
Love, Claire xx
Customer Happiness Is NOT More Important

Customer Happiness Is NOT More Important

I see so many amazing business owners who are burning out or unhappy in their business because they are trying to keep customers happy.
Your wellbeing is the most important thing of all.
Customers can wait. They can buy elsewhere.
They do not have the right to make you unhappy or unwell.
If your mind monkey are telling you that you need to put up with it because you need the money, then you need to change something.
Change your customers. Change your business. Raise your prices. Protect your boundaries.
You are the biggest and best asset in your business so above all, look after you first.
Love, Claire xx
Keep Showing Up, Even If It Feels Like Nobody Notices

Keep Showing Up, Even If It Feels Like Nobody Notices

Let me tell you something – people notice.

They might not take action.

But they notice, whenever you make the effort to post or email.

The thing is, they might be busy. It might not be the right time for them. They might not need whatever you are promoting right now but their circumstances might change at any time.

They might be waiting until they get paid. Or for the kids to go back to school. Or until they feel brave enough. Who knows?

But if you keep showing up on social media and in their email inbox at least they have the choice so when the time is right, it’s easy for them to buy from you.

If you stop because you think nobody notices, you will never know who was sitting waiting for the right time for them, will you?

Love, Claire xx

PS: I notice, too

When Someone Unsubscribes

When Someone Unsubscribes

Rather than getting upset because someone has ‘left’ your business, think of it this way.
They were not a good fit. They were not going to buy. They chose to leave – that’s great!
It’s your business cleaning itself.
If you are being yourself and doing what you love and some people don’t like it, let them go!
You don’t want people in your business who don’t want to be there and don’t appreciate your awesomeness.
Now, focus on attracting more of the right fit people.
Love, Claire xx
Shout About Your Success!

Shout About Your Success!

If you have achieved something wonderful or done something you’re really proud of, shout about it.
I know this might not come naturally, especially if you’ve always been taught that showing off is bad!
The thing is, shouting about your success has a knock-on effect.
Lots of people will be happy for you and will tell you so. Good news is something to be celebrated.
Even more people will be inspired by you and your achievements, whether they say so or not.
And many will see you as a role model and an example of what is possible.
Are any of those things bad? Nope. All good.
There may be people who try to take the wind out of your sails, for reasons known only to them but don’t let that stop you.
You keep on striding ahead, achieving more amazing things and being your fabulous self.
You’re a shining example, so keep shining bright

Love, Claire xx