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Let me share a secret with you. When my daughter was small she was convinced I have magic super powers.

She thought I could see around corners, that I have a built in fib detector, that I can mind read and that I magically know the words to songs on the radio (especially if they are 80s covers….)

Now, you and I know that I do have these superpowers but they’re not really magic – more of a mixture of gut instinct and informed guesses, but when you’re 6 it may as well be magic.

It’s pretty impressive and it usually gets her to do what I want. Now, what if I told you that you could make your customers think you have magic superpowers and that YOU could get THEM to do what you want.

Let me explain.

Have you ever read a website or an ad or a Facebook post and thought ‘Oh wow, she must be a mind reader! That’s EXACTLY where I am right now’ or ‘My goodness, this person is describing my life, my house, my kids – how do they know? – I NEED her!’

The way that it’s written speaks so strongly to you that you’re convinced this person is writing for you. To you. ABOUT you. And often when that happens, especially if it’s related to a problem we’re trying to solve, if that person then offers a solution there’s a very good chance we’ll buy.

Why? Because we already feel like they know us.

And we trust them because they have described exactly how we are feeling.

There’s already a connection, even though you’ve not met them. It’s like they added a MAGIC INGREDIENT to their marketing. And this magic ingredient makes people buy. “That’s pretty awesome”, you’re thinking… “I need to get some of that.”

Well, the fantastic news is that you already have it. You’re just not using it!

You see, the magic ingredient is knowledge.

Specifically knowledge of the people who are MOST LIKELY to buy from you.

Your ideal customers.

Let’s face it, most of us start out trying to market to anybody and everybody. We just throw our marketing out there in spadefuls and hope some of it lands in the right place to get noticed.

But it’s time consuming. It’s draining. And it’s pretty useless. It’s the worst way of marketing because it doesn’t speak to anyone and there’s NO chance you’re going to create that magic effect I just described for your buyers.

No. If you’re going to create magic in your marketing you need a different approach. You need to work out who is most likely to buy from you.

  • Who is the best fit for your business?
  • Whose problems do you solve, effortlessly?
  • Who is going to love what you do and keep coming back?
  • Who will tell their friends?
  • Who will accept your pricing without a second thought?

And what is it about them that MAKES them ideal for you?

  • What age are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What problems do they have that you solve?
  • Do they have children?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • What do they spend their money on?
  • Which social media platforms do they use?
  • What would they LOVE to get sorted in their life?

You need to know this person, this ideal customer, this perfect match person VERY well.

You need to get inside their head and figure out what makes them tick and how you can help them. You need to know them so well that when you write a FB post or a web page, it resonates with them SO strongly that they think you’re a mind reader.

And when you write something that resonates with them, and then show them how you can help them, and make them an offer – there’s a really good chance they will buy.

Magic! (Except, we know it will be informed guesses and gut instinct because we know them so well.

But shhhh, let them think you have superpowers. It will do wonders for your street cred and I promise I won’t tell)

Love, Claire xx

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