Does Selling Make You Feel Sick?

Does Selling Make You Feel Sick

I had a chat with a lady last week who wasn’t telling people about her new business because she didn’t want to come across as being salesy.

She was scared of being a pest and the mind monkeys in her head were telling her all sorts of negative things. ‘What if people don’t like me talking about this?’ ‘What if someone says I’m annoying’ ‘What if everyone ignores my posts on social media or starts to avoid me in real life!’ Those mind monkeys were having a field day and even the THOUGHT of selling made her feel sick.

I had to help her see things a different way.

I had some magic questions for her.

How did you find out about me and my business?

How do you find out about other products and services you have bought?

How do you ever find new things to buy?

The answers might be:

  • I saw a post on social media that my friend had liked
  • I saw an ad in a magazine
  • It came up in a Google search
  • There was an ad in my social media feed
  • Someone told me about it
  • I got an email about it
  • What do all these have in common?

Well, at some point somebody has put their business out there, either as a social post, or an ad, or in person or via their website. If they hadn’t put their business out there then you never would have found out about it.

My next question was ‘have you ever been FORCED to buy my stuff or anyone else’s products or services’?

‘Of course not’ she said ‘I just liked the look of them and thought they might be what I needed at the time’.

So, just to be clear. This lovely lady, like most of us, me included, will see a product or service appear in our inbox or on social media, or it will come up in an online search or someone will tell us about it. If we think it sounds good, we will do a bit more research and if it still sounds and feels good then we buy. Right? That’s how it works. Yes, we have to feel it’s good value for the price but that’s basically it.

So, if you are not telling people about your business – if you’re not posting about it on social media, or building a list of leads and sending regular newsletters, if you’re not updating your website and trying to show up in Google searches – IF YOU’RE HIDING BECAUSE YOUR’E SCARED then nobody can find out about you. Even if they really need what you sell.

So, if feeling salesy brings you out in hives, this is for you.

NEWSFLASH – You are not being salesy, you are being discoverable. How can your customers buy from you if they don’t know you exist? How can they buy from you, if you don’t tell and show them what you sell? Loads of people would love what you sell, if they knew about it but they can’t find out about it unless you talk about it. You could be EXACTLY what they have been looking for!

‘Being salesy’ is a mind monkey that makes you feel you are being a pest and that you are forcing unwanted products or services onto unwilling people. No! You’re not forcing anything onto anyone. People have a choice. They rarely buy anything they are ‘forced’ to buy, most people buy because they SEE something they love and/or need and feel it’s right for them.

Your job is to find the people who are the best for for what you sell – your Super Customers – put your marketing in front of them, where they are already looking and show them why your stuff is perfect for them.

It’s how YOU buy, it’s also how your customers will buy. You are doing brilliantly – keep going!

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