Feeling ‘Meh’ About Marketing? 4 Fab Tips!

Last week was a weird week. I’m not sure if it was due to my stubborn cough and cold that just wouldn’t buzz off, or something to do with the planets, but I just couldn’t get into my marketing.

Usually I am bursting with inspiration. I can create classes, write blogs and zip off my e-newsletter without a second thought, but last week it just wasn’t happening. And it wasn’t like I didn’t have anything to do, I had TONS to do, I just felt ‘Meh’ about it.

I kept moving my ‘to-dos’ further along the week till Thursday and Friday were packed to the gills with things I had to do, or else!

It’s not a feeling I’m used to – I felt under a LOT of pressure and the more pressure I felt, the less I felt like working. But it just wasn’t flowing for me.
Then It All Changed!

Then on Wednesday afternoon I got a text from Chloe’s school saying ‘Don’t forget it’s our Summer Fete on Saturday! Fancy dress competition at 10.30′

Now for some people, that would strike fear into their heart.

For me, it was a challenge I couldn’t ignore!

Chloe is only 6 and she LOVES getting dressed up. And I LOVE making fancy dress costumes for her. We have loads of fun while we’re making the costume and we usually win because we’ve put a lot of effort in.

So what do you think happened to my bulging to-do list?

Yes, it went straight out of the window. Anything that wasn’t a VIP coaching call (my absolute favourite way to spend my time) was pushed down the list and right at the top was Chloe’s Fancy Dress Costume.

Chloe and I had a bit of a brainstorm.

She had been watching the D-Day stories on TV and we decided we’d take her daddy’s old army coveralls and turn her into a 1940s army girl.

I got out my sewing machine and did some cutting, pinning and sewing – the time just flew! Chloe got back from school and we added some finishing touches and voila! We had a great costume – here she is on the day, complete with victory roll in her hair!

Chloe 1940s Army GirlI created THAT >>>>>>> in record time, I was super-productive. Why? Because I was having fun!

Now, the thing is, most of the time I approach my marketing like that. I have loads of fun with it.

Just as much fun as making fancy dress costumes. I love being creative and coming up with topics to write about. I really enjoy answering your questions and teaching you about marketing and business.

I love hearing stories about how you’ve put what you’re learning into practise and how it’s changing your business. So the time flies and I get loads done.

But we all have off days (or even off weeks) and so, in the spirit of getting you of of ‘Meh’ and back to ‘Woohoo!’  I’ve put together 4 Top Tips to help you get marketing when you’re feeling flat and uninspired.

1. Make Some Memes!

Memes are those fab little pictures you see on Facebook with quotes on top of them. I wrote a post a while back on Facebook explaining how to do it and I’ve embedded it under this post – but the GREAT thing about memes is that give yourself permission to browse fabulous photos and amazing quotes. I challenge you NOT to feel uplifted when you’re reading what Zig Ziglar or Eleanor Roosevelt or Dr Seuss had to say about life and business. Just immersing yourself in that for half an hour will get your brain whirring, leave you feeling inspired and happy AND give you some great memes to share on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Blog.

2. Learn Something New!

If you’ve never tried to set up an e-newsletter then find the help videos in MadMimi or Mailchimp and learn how to do it. If you’ve never set up a Pinterest board then learn how to do it. If you’ve never used Instagram then learn how to do it. If you’ve never used PicMonkey or Canva (see above) to make memes then learn how to do it. Seriously, YouTube has got videos on just about everything so whatever you’ve been meaning to try, there’s no excuse. And when you’re feeling flat and uninspired, spending half an hour giving yourself permission to learn about a new business or marketing tool can zing up your energy and get you raring to go. It’s like giving yourself a treat – so do it! You’ll feel so proud of yourself once you’ve mastered your new ‘thing’ and you’ll be full of enthusiasm to try it out on your unsuspecting audience.

3. Get Some New Inspiration!

Instead of sticking to your same old same old magazines or watching the news, make a conscious effort to find NEW news. Subscribe to Feedly. Read some blogs. Follow some new, different Facebook pages that are totally different to those you usually follow. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that start to flow when you see what the rest of the world is up to. I love Seth Godin’s blog – it makes me look at things in a new way. I follow bloggers in all sorts of industries and I get tons of inspiration from crafters, cookery sites, holiday sites – I am always on the lookout for things that catch my eye. A phrase, the way an image is used, a freebie someone is offering to help them build their list – they might give me ideas for a blog post or I might share what they are doing with my VIP clients because it gives me an idea for their business. I’m really open minded. I take photographs of signs in the street. I snap chalkboards outside shops if they make me stop. I am always open to inspiration.

4. Take Inspiration From Your Life!

As you might have noticed, I talk a lot about my life in my newsletters. My little girl, Chloe, who’s 6 is a regular feature. And there’s a reason for that. She inspires me. I’ll go to her swimming lesson and it will give me an idea for a business blog. Her fancy dress costume got me thinking about today’s blog. I’ve had inspiration at the hairdresser’s, watching The Hotel Inspector, at Chloe’s assembly, on holiday. I don’t have to work hard for inspiration because it’s all around me. I write about my life and I find parallels in business – who’d have thought a fancy dress costume would inspire a blog on feeling ‘meh’ about marketing? But it did!

What’s happening around you? What’s made you react, lately? Have you had great customer service or really bad customer service? Have you seen a great advert that made you laugh? A news story that made you think? A TV Programme that made you frustrated?

If so, how can you apply that to your marketing? How can you use that story to demonstrate a concept to your newsletter subscribers or Facebook followers? And it will be effortless, because it’s written from the heart, as this is.

Or Just Give Yourself A Break!

You’ll always have days when you feel flat about marketing and business, that’s normal. But now you have some great ideas to inject some energy back into your business and get you flowing again. And sometimes, if it’s really not working for you, give yourself permission to do something else.

When I had a day making Chloe’s fancy dress costume I didn’t give work a second thought. I had so much fun. I drafted in my mum to help me and we had some giggles and chats. And when I’d finished the costume I felt GREAT! My energy levels were high. I felt like I’d really achieved something and I was in a completely different and much better frame of mind than I had been earlier in the week. The fancy dress costume cured my ‘Meh’ attack and I felt ready to get stuck back into my marketing with a vengeance. I powered through my to-do list and created some great content in a really short space of time – stuff I’d not been able to manage in the previous 3 days! Awesome!

Feeling flat is just a temporary blip – now you’ve got some fab tips to get you enthused and motivated. Let me know how they work!

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