She Felt Weird About Making Money

I was chatting to one of my clients today who is going through a massive shift in her business, which is creating a massive shift in her life.

In a call yesterday we scoped out how she could build her 100k business and it was easy. Like, really easy.

She was on a total high and left the call buzzing.

Then we chatted this morning and she said she felt off kilter.

I’d just showed her how to make 100k within 12 months.

And she felt ‘weird’ about making money – it just freaked her out.

And I knew exactly what she means, because it happened to me too.

More than once.

The first time was when I realized that I had it in my reach to be able to create a 6 figure business. To earn £100,000.00. That was massive. To me, 100k was Monopoly money. No-one in my family had ever earned close to that, and when I was a corporate girl that amount of money was something reserved for directors of huge businesses. I mean you had to be a serious big hitter to hit a 100k salary.

And then the time I was working through my figures after a call with my coach. I popped in all the products and programmes I was going to launch through the year, put some pretty conservative sales figures in and then glanced at the ‘total’ box on the bottom right.

I nearly had heart failure.

The total said £102,000.00

One hundred and two thousand pounds.

I looked at my spreadsheet again. Made sure I hadn’t done something stupid like added an extra zero anywhere or double counted anything but nope, it was all good.


And I had this comedy moment like you see in cartoons, where I looked at the figures, then looked at the total, then looked at the figures, then looked at the total then (in my mind) a thought cloud appeared over my head saying ‘it’s THAT easy????’ I couldn’t believe it. I hadn’t even put big sales targets in place, just some slightly stretching but very achievable number for classes, programmes and clubs and I had this amazing total at the end.

My poor conditioned brain couldn’t take it in because it was used to people saying you have to work hard for money, or only senior corporate directors make 100k. And this looked EASY.

And it WAS easy, and I blew those figures out of the water in reality.

But at the time it knocked ME off kilter.

  • I had guilt stuff coming up about earning more than anyone else I know (or have ever known).
  • I had fear stuff coming up about ‘how I could sustain something like this?’, and ‘would it mean that I needed to change as a person?’ and ‘how can I possibly tell my mum?’
  • I had all sorts of WEIRD dreams and disturbed sleep.
  • I went FLAT as a pancake for about 3 days when I should have been high as a kite.
  • And it was all because I was going through a huge change.
  • My brain and beliefs were getting reformatted.


My old beliefs had just been kicked out the door – I had irrefutable evidence that proved them wrong. My mind monkey were running riot and throwing every conceivable reason at me why I shouldn’t step out of my comfort zone and earn this kind of money.

I got out my cosmic laser gun

Luckily I knew these mind monkeys well and I zapped them all with my cosmic laser gun.

But it took time. I had to feel into it. I had to sit with it a while and let myself get comfortable with it.

I had to let these mind monkey sabotage thoughts come and go.

And after 3 days I got my mojo back. I was raring to go and I was off like a rocket, ready to take on the world.


So I knew what my client was going through and why and I put her mind at rest. I’m just waiting for another couple of days till she reappears, full of energy and excitement, ready to take on the world because I know it will happen.

It seems so strange that our own body and brain can do so much to sabotage us when we’re ready to step it up a level, but it happens all the time.

The trick is to know that it might happen and just go with it, flow with it and come out the other side with your Wonderwoman outfit on. Girl power.

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