How Not To Attract Hairy Builders

Let me tell you a story…

…a lady messaged me via Facebook and said “Claire, I’m at the end of my tether. I am thinking of giving up my Reflexology business because this marketing thing is tooooo hard. I’ve spent a fortune on Facebook ads, I’ve got a website and people still aren’t buying.”

Does this sound familiar?


So what I asked this lovely lady was – who do you want to attract?

She was stumped because she’d never thought of it that way. Her answer was ‘anyone who wants reflexology’.

 Now, there’s a big problem with this approach.

Firstly, she has a reflexology business – it’s hands on. So there are only a limited number of people she can work with each day. She has young children and can only see clients for one and a half days a week, so she has limited spots to fill.

Secondly, people will only travel so far for reflexology, so there is no point trying to market to people over 10-15 miles away.

Thirdly, she loves working with women who are having fertility issues because she gets great results but she hadn’t mentioned this anywhere because she was scared of putting off people who didn’t fit this description.

As a result, her Facebook ads were general.

They were aimed at anyone and everyone. They didn’t mention her town. They didn’t mention women. They didn’t mention fertility, or pregnancy or any of those key words. They weren’t talking to ANYONE in particular. She was trying to attract anyone and everyone, but actually she was attracting no-one.

So let’s just revisit a couple of points here.

She has a reflexology business, it’s hands on and therefore she can only fit in maybe  4-5  clients each day. WHICH MEANS THAT she only needs to attract a very small number of people in order to fill her diary. She doesn’t need thousands.

Hold that thought.

So she only needs maybe 10 clients in her business initially, getting regular treatment, with a few new ones getting added on each month to replace those who drop out.

Bearing in mind that she only wants to attract a very small number of clients each month, she may as well attract people she loves to work with, right?

I mean, let’s face it, if you are spending your days working on clients’ feet, you really want the right kind of clients because you’re going to be chatting to them and spending time with them and touching their FEET for heavens sake– why would you choose to treat people you don’t like when you don’t have to?

She gets great results with her fertility clients – they all love what she does and they leave feeling amazing. And these ladies don’t want general reflexology or general anything. They want specific help. They want to see if it can help them improve their fertility and help them have their longed-for baby. They want an expert in their specific field.

So let’s approach this a different way. I’ll put myself in her shoes for a moment:

  1. I need to attract 10 clients into my business and then have a steady stream of 2-3 new ideal clients each month to replace any leavers.
  2. I love working with fertility clients because I get great results and I have some fab testimonials.
  3. Plus they are coming to my home treatment room so I’d prefer women rather than strange blokes turning up at my door.

My ads would say something like ‘Struggling to get pregnant? Tried reflexology? What have you got to lose? Book your half hour taster session in our Middlesbrough treatment room for just £20 now’ Or something like that.

Now I’m not going to attract hairy builders with that one.  (Nothing wrong with hairy builders, I just don’t want to touch their feet!)

Or young guys with football injuries.

Most people will take no notice of it.

Unless they are near Middlesbrough and struggling to get pregnant. And there are lots of ladies in every town in that position.

The right ladies will take notice. The right ladies will see that ad and contact her. The right ladies will see her as a godsend, as a person who might be able to help them. The right ladies will value her.

So she’ll get more of the right ladies calling her and booking appointments, meaning she gets to fill her diary with people she loves to work with, who value her and recommend her to friends, and keep coming back because they love what she does.

Doesn’t that sound GREAT?

And don’t get me wrong. She doesn’t need to say ‘no’ to people who want reflexology who don’t fit that description. If local hairy builders want reflexology and approach her, she can say yes IF SHE WANTS. But she won’t MARKET to them.

Get it, gorgeous girl?

Now how can you apply that to your business?

Off you go!




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