How to Build a Profitable Cake Business – Interview with Chinelo Awa of Good Cake Day

I have a real treat for you.

Chinelo Awa runs Good Cake Day and Good Cake Day Academy. I’ve followed Chinelo’s journey for a few years and she’s just awesome.

She has 4 law & business degrees, moved to the UK from Nigeria aged 18 and for the last 6 years she’s been building her cake businesses first in her spare time and now as a full-time role.

Chinelo started out selling ‘normal’ priced cakes but has raised her prices to suit her ambitions and now sells premium-priced luxury cakes that are so good, people pay hundreds of pounds to get them delivered by taxi to the other side of the country.

She has a premium brownie subscription and also spent last year building up her Academy, where she flew in top cake-decorating instructors from Australia to run sold-out classes in London.

This year Chinelo has pivoted her business and has taken her Good Cake Day Academy online, teaching others how to create her signature luxury designs AND teaching them how to raise their prices and create an amazingly profitable cake business.

In our interview, Chinelo shares her story of how she did it in her own, unique way and shares some great thoughts on business, pricing and ATTITUDE – watch it and you’ll see why I LOVE her. Also you’ll probably pick up some amazing tips while you’re there, no matter what business you’re in!

Chinelo’s website is and her instagram accounts are and

I know Chinelo and I would love your thoughts and feedback so please come say hello in the comments and tell us your favourite bit of the interview.

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Love, Claire xx

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