How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Business Owners

OK admit it – how many times lately have you looked at someone else’s website, or products, or business card or shopfront and thought to yourself, with a heavy heart ‘she’s better than me’?

And how often have you thought about doing something new or different and then thought ‘I can’t do that because…I’m not clever / businesslike / techie / young  enough?’ (delete as appropriate)

OK we need to talk.

I was chatting to a lady in one of my Facebook groups recently and she admitted that the BIGGEST THING holding her back was that she kept comparing herself to other people and coming up short.

In fact she was really hard on herself.

  • She would browse competitors’ websites and pick faults with her own.
  • She would look on Pinterest and see a hundred beautifully shot products that were ‘better’ than hers.
  • She’d find herself trawling Facebook looking to see who was making what, how much they were charging and whether she thought she was as good as them.
  • If it wasn’t the products she felt inferior about, it was their marketing, their copywriting, their design work.

When I asked her how often she found herself checking out other people’s stuff, she said ‘I do it every day’.

When we chatted about it, it turned out she was spending at least half an hour (that she would admit to) and probably more that she was in denial about, EVERY DAY measuring herself against other businesses and people and feeling fed up.

Let’s do some maths – 30 minutes every day, for 5 days per week is 2.5 hours per week (and let’s be honest, it was probably WAY more than that). That’s 10 hours per month. That’s 120 hours per year. That’s 5 DAYS A YEAR!

5 days a year NOT working on her business. 5 days a year NOT having a rest. 5 days a year NOT doing something that made her feel good or helped her build her business. 5 days a year beating herself up.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

When we put it in perspective like this, she went very quiet and then got quite upset.

She realised she was wasting time and not JUST wasting it, actually spending time on things that were harming her business because that’s exactly what was happening.

When you spend time measuring yourself  against other people or feeling you’re not good enough that’s you’re choosing to spend making yourself feel bad.

When you get obsessed with what your competitors are doing, thats time and energy you’re not spending on YOUR business.

When you waste 5 days a year dragging yourself down and feeling inferior, that’s not healthy and it doesn’t make you happy. And it all starts with spending half an hour a day ‘just checking’ what everyone else is doing. Before you know it, it becomes a habit. Then it turns into a little obsession. Then it turns into 5 days a year of self-sabotage.

So, I want to ask YOU something. Are YOU guilty of this? Are YOU falling into a habit of ‘just checking’ other people’s stuff and wishing you were them?

If so, I want to challenge you. Ready?

I want you to spend HALF AN HOUR PER DAY working ON your business or ON yourself – making yourself feel great and helping your business to grow. No checking competitors (it doesn’t matter what they are doing), no beating yourself up.

If you spend 30 minutes every day on POSITIVE things rather than NEGATIVE things, you’ll see a BIG CHANGE in your business and your life, very quickly.

Are you up for the challenge?

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  1. Tee Oshun

    Great post. Every business owner needs to be reminded of this. I do not spend time looking at websites but I find having too many competitors in my social media newsfeed is a huge distraction. Thank you. Claire.


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