Money & How To Not Sound Desperate Even When You Are!

The mortgage payment is due, the kids need new school shoes, you’re feeling stony broke and you have no idea where your next money is going to come from.

You’re frantically trying to sell stuff to make ends meet – you want business. ANY business – you’re putting yourself out there to anyone who will have you.

You’re dropping prices left, right and centre – you may as well walk around with a t-shirt on saying ‘just give me some money, I’ll do anything!’

As my friend Kim would say, you’re wearing that unattractive new fragrance ‘Eau De Desperation’ and it whiffs!

People can smell it a mile off and it’s worse than rotten eggs.

There is nothing more off-putting to prospective customers than a supplier who is clearly desperate for business.

In their mind they’re thinking ‘why is she so desperate?’, ‘is she so bad that no-one is buying off her?’, ‘she’s trying TOO hard for this, it feels a bit uncomfortable’.

You’re giving off all the wrong vibes.

Who would you rather buy from?

A) A supplier who is confident and sure of herself, who clearly knows her stuff and who isn’t by any means the cheapest out there but who has great testimonials and obviously offers a great service. OR

B) A nervous, desperate woman who clearly needs your business and is willing to do ANYTHING to get it. She obviously has no customers and says she can turn her hand to anything…a jack of all trades and probably not great at any of them.?

Now, some people will be attracted to lady B – but they are going to be people who want CHEAP. People who want desperate suppliers because they can screw them down on price and make them work twice as hard for their money.

These people know their supplier is desperate so they’ll play her like a fish on a line, promising payment which is always late and generally taking advantage.

The people who are attracted to lady A want a professional supplier, someone who is very clear about what she offers and who is confident in her ability to do an excellent job. They will even pay a bit extra to work with this lady because she’s clearly worth it.

So let’s put yourself in the shoes of lady A and lady B. Which would you rather be? Which type of customer would you prefer to attract? The customers who value you or the ‘sharks in the water’ type who are circling you because you’re weak?

So how do you ditch the desperation vibes even when you need the dosh?

Well first of all you stop telling people you’re broke. You stop telling yourself you can’t afford stuff.

Instead you tell the outside world nothing about your financial situation (that’s for you to know and it’s just about to get better anyway) and you start asking yourself ‘how can I afford this?’

Do you see the difference in the vibes?

Picture yourself as a swan. Your legs might be flapping like crazy under the water as you try to stay afloat but above the surface you are confident, serene, and WORTH IT.

You need to keep telling yourself that you are amazing value.

You are an expert.

You are flippin’ fabulous.

Tell it to yourself until you believe it, because you ARE.

I know you are.

Don’t drop your prices. Don’t go after any old rubbish clients. Target your ideal customers. Give off ‘I’m cool, calm and collected and you’ll be so lucky to work with me’ type vibes.

Change the energy around you.

Change the vibes you’re giving off.

Find positivity in the smallest things.

Start to appreciate what you have.

I’m not being flippant. I’m speaking as someone whose marketing agency went into voluntary liquidation only a couple of years ago, leaving me with over £20k debt and no clue how to move forward.

I decided (after a few weeks of wallowing in self pity) to just get on and change my luck. So I did. Big time.

And last year I made over £100,000 in my business.

And if I did it, so can you.

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