So far I’ve shared 2 blogs from my Facebook Video Mastery Series. Blog 1 is here ‘The Facebook Feed Rumours Are True (Sort Of)‘  – I shared a fabulous article from FB guru Mari Smith showing how to get ahead of the game when it comes to getting seen on Facebook. Turns out it’s all about video and she shared 10 tips that I explained more about in my blog. Blog 2 ‘Facebook Video – Getting Over Your Fears‘ was all about getting over the fears of doing video on Facebook or anywhere – I explained why you really have nothing to worry about and shared some really useful tips to get over them. Which brings us to this blog… I know, I know, you would love to be brave enough to do Facebook videos (or any videos for that matter) but even despite my pep talk last week about getting rid of the video mind monkeys, you’re still not ready to put your face on camera.  It just feels like a step too far at the moment, right?

It’s OK! There are LOADS of other ways to create videos for your Facebook page and other social media platforms and most of them are free or very inexpensive. Let’s take a look.

The first type of video you could make is a slideshow, like this one on my Facebook page.

I made it in Facebook for free using their ‘slideshow’ post option and it’s easy peasy. You upload up to 10 images (square is best, why not create them in Canva?) and decide whether you want them to change at 1 second intervals or longer, up to 5 seconds. You can add music, there’s a not-too-bad selection to choose from, then you just publish it. And just like that you have a really cool, professional-looking mini-video showcasing your products or services. Yay! Here is a really quick video showing you how I made it. The second type of video you can do without being on camera is using an app like Adobe Spark, Lumyer or Ripl. Each of these does slightly different things but all allow you to produce really lovely little videos to use on social media. Adobe Spark Video is free on desktop and mobile – the app is very good (there’s also one called Spark Post for creating images. Here is a snapshot of what it does. You simply login with Facebook and either use one of their pre-styled story guides or start from scratch, choosing the layout and theme you prefer and adding narration via your built-in microphone. I’ve added some screenshots below.   Lumyer is a phone app that adds moving effects to your own photos or videos. You choose from a photo or video in your phone gallery or record something new in the app, then choose an effect or FX to add. This is the Love-Sparks effect, I think I paid 0.99p for it but you get lots included for free. Here are some screenshots and here is a teeny video I made with it. It’s lovely!   Ripl is another phone app, this time it’s about creating animated videos where text appears as they play. It has lots of options but I’ve done a couple of screenshots and HERE is a video I made using it. This one gives you decent functionality for free but you can upgrade if you want more. It also links with your Facebook page and shows you the stats for your Ripl videos, as well as suggesting things you could post each day. I love it! The third type of video you could make if you didn’t want to be on camera is a screenshare video. I use these all the time in my teaching. I record me, talking over my PowerPoint slides for my classes but I also demonstrate how to do things in social media. Here’s one I made showing how to download a Facebook live video to use elsewhere. I use SCREENCAST-O-MATIC. It’s free for videos up to 15 minutes long (but adds a watermark) or it’s just $18 a YEAR (around £15) to record longer videos without a watermark. It’s pretty intuitive to use and I use it all the time in my business. As well as just recording, it also has some pretty nifty (and easy) editing options that let you crop, resize, cut out bits, add in bits and loads more. I’m not techie and I manage just fine, you might need a bit of practise but you’ll soon fly along with it. In my next blog I’m going to share LOADS of Facebook video ideas with you, no matter what sort of business you have. I’ll get your brain whirring and you’ll soon realise you have more than enough content ideas for FB videos to keep you going for the next few months (or years!)

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