I had a question recently in one of my Facebook groups from a lady with a coaching business. She was frustrated, worn out and about to quit.


She had spent the last few weeks in a marketing frenzy. Her new business is about to launch and she’s been full of passion and enthusiasm about her new ‘baby’ for the last few months.

She’s been all over social media, she’s been writing press releases, she’s been building her database and sending out fabulous e-newsletters, she’s been guest blogging and webinar-ing and speaking…

She expected to be inundated with clients by now.

But she isn’t.

And she’s ready to lie down and give up.

So I had a chat with her.

The Truth About Marketing

She needed to know the truth about marketing.

I explained that marketing can take 3-6 months to bear fruit. (That’s a long time. So if you want clients in 3-6 months you’d better start marketing now.)

I told her that her Super Customers are only just getting to know her. 2 months is NOTHING in marketing, she has only just scratched the surface.

I told her that her Super Customers are watching and waiting, seeing what she has to say, waiting to see if she’s a perfect fit for them, reading everything she’s putting out there and when the time is right and they are ready to buy, they will buy.

I also told her that if she quits now, she has done all of this marketing for nothing.

Her Super Customers could be ready to buy right now and if she gives up now they won’t know where to find her.

The thing is, she’ll have done all this marketing and they will be itching to get their hands on what she sells and when they can’t find her, do you know what they will do?


So all that work will benefit someone else.

Do you want that to happen? She didn’t and neither do you.

The darkest hour is just before dawn – the crappiest time often occurs right before a major breakthrough or turnaround.

Don’t give up. Keep going. Keep marketing. It will work.

Don’t be a premature quitter and hand all that business that’s just around the corner to someone else who isn’t as good as you.

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