Coaching Business School

Coaching Business School
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Are you a business coach? A style coach? A life coach? A trainer or teacher? GREAT! KEEP READING!

Do you LOVE your coaching business but feel you’re missing a trick?
You know you *could* create an amazing business but it just feels too DIFFICULT?
Do you have dreams to create online classes, VIP days, retreats and lots of other lovely products but you don’t know where to start?
It’s not only possible, I can help you do it – starting today!

Building your coaching business is NOT rocket science – you will easily get the hang of it

If you can coach, you can build a business
You can learn the steps
You can learn the tech bits
You can learn the marketing

You just need someone to show you what to do, and when

You just found the perfect solution – Coaching Business School! Yay!

In 9 easy-to-understand modules you can transform your mindset AND your business – there will be no stopping you! Here are the modules – each one is jam-packed full of really practical marketing and business teaching you can put into practise right away.


  1. Business Foundations
  2. Money
  3. Profitable Products & Services
  4. A Business Mindset
  5. All About Marketing
  6. Smashing Social Media
  7. Creating & Selling
  8. Planning For Growth
  9. Make it Happen!