How to Write a Book 2-Part Masterclass

How to Write a Book 2-Part Masterclass
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If you have always wanted to do this but never got around to it, because it felt too big and scary, you need this class. Even if you have NEVER thought of writing a book or don’t think you can, watch this class because I KNOW you CAN. It’s not scary. It’s not difficult. It’s just knowing what to do and setting up a system to do it. I can teach you. I’ve written an Amazon best-seller in 3 days while sitting in a rainy caravan in Dorset. If I can do that, you can definitely write one!

Over 2 x 45 minute classes you will learn:

  • Why writing a book is GREAT for business
  • What to write your book about
  • How to scope out your content (I’ve a great tip for you)
  • How to get started writing
  • How to KEEP writing till it’s done (this is the tough bit)
  • How to get your book printed
  • How to market and sell your book