The Make More Money Bundle

The Make More Money Bundle
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Want to sell more things and make more money?

I have exactly what you need at an unbelievable price! Get Supercharge Your Sales, Quick Fix Money Maker AND 30 Days to Boost Your Biz for just £37 total with lifetime access.

RRP £646 Buy now for only £37!

(£37 less UK tax = $39.81 USD, $52.87 CAD, $58.41 AUD, $62 NZD, 35.95 Euros approx)


  • Is this you? You need more sales but don’t have time to work out how to get them
  • You feel like it’s time you made some blummin’ money?
  • You know you deserve a break?
  • You just need to break your ‘no sales’ pattern?
  • You just want someone to show you what to do to start selling?
  • You DEFINITELY don’t want to do any of that icky cold calling or high-pressured stuff (yuk!)
  • You just want a quick way to get selling, fast!

Supercharge Your Sales Is Perfect For You!

We are going to cover:

  • Setting Sales Targets (this is magic)
  • How To Find Your Best Buyers
  • How To Create Your Best Sellers
  • Your ‘Visibility Queen’ Makeover
  • How To Create A Lead Machine
  • How To Become a Sales Magician
  • How to Keep The Sales Coming In

These are bite-sized modules complete with
MP4 videos, MP3 audios, templates, worksheets, spread sheets
and guides you can work through in your own time

Supercharge Your Sales is a pocket-sized online programme
you can download and work through in a day or a week (but you have
access to it forever so you can take it at your own pace).


Ever needed A Quick Cash Injection Into Your Business?

If you run out of cash, your business falls over. That’s just how it is. The trouble is, sometimes you need an extra injection of cash to get over a hurdle. Situations like:

  • Being hit with an unexpected bill
  • Needing to invest in or replace kit or equipment
  • Needing breathing space to work on the big, strategic stuff
  • Needing money to pre-pay for stock or book events
  • Seeing an opportunity you need to take NOW!


Quick-Fix Money Maker is my secret weapon and I’m sharing it with YOU. It’s what I’ve used (and still use) to give me the cash injections and breathing space I regularly needed while I grew my business to over £200k profit in the space of a few years (around my family). And now YOU can use the very same strategies and ideas to grow YOUR business! Yay!

You will get 24 SHORT but POWERFUL videos covering my best Quick-Fix Money Making strategies, with action books and a fab MONEY-MAKING ideas group for support and success-sharing. You’ll see from the testimonials that people have made a LOT of money using what I teach, and so could you! 


If you want your business the ground running (in the right direction, rather than ‘away, screaming’) then this is for you!

Every day for 30 days you get a tiny but POWERFUL task or challenge to complete – they don’t take long to do but they have a BIG IMPACT.

That means within 30 days you could have a new business. Well, not a new business exactly, because we REALLY like your existing one, but you know what I mean – a totally transformed business that is doing what you NEED (erm, making money would be a start, right?)

So, here’s the thing. I wrote 30 Days To Boost Your Biz for you. For now. Because it’s tough out there.

30 Days To Boost Your Biz will give you more time, more focus, more confidence, more success with your marketing, more sales and more money. It won’t take much time but it WILL put a rocket up your business
PS: You just need 10-15 minutes a day, you can even hide in the toilet if you need to. Just saying…