Virtual Assistant Marketing School

Virtual Assistant Marketing School


Marketing your virtual assistant services can be tough…

  • It’s hard to stand out and be seen among the thousands of other virtual assistants out there in the world. Some seem to just have it ‘sorted’
    They are all over social media, getting loads of engagement
  • They get all the best clients who pay high rates
  • They never have ‘problem’ clients who cause them headaches
  • They have clients who are happy to WAIT to work with them! It’s true!

How on earth do they do it? Well, let me share a few truths. Well, let me share something with you They didn’t get there by accident. They are doing things differently. They are using specific strategies to achieve this. You could be using them too.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to involve a lot of work. Often it’s just a few little changes here and there to your marketing and your mindset which, together, make all the difference.

You just need to know which changes and have the confidence to make them. Luckily, I can help. I created Virtual Assistant Marketing School for you, to help you stand out, attract lovely, profitable clients and grow your business.

What Is Virtual Assistant Marketing School? It’s all focused around THE VA PROFIT PLAN. This is the formula that helps you set up your VA business for growth.

We look at:

  • The BIG PICTURE and creating a ‘growth’ business plan
  • PROFITABLE PRODUCTS and services
  • GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES you are almost certainly missing
  • STRATEGIC MARKETING with a clear purpose
  • Creating SALES PATHS bringing Super Customers to your virtual door
  • Dealing with that tricky MINDSET stuff that stops you fulfilling your potential.

You can do this!