Shout About Your Success!

Shout About Your Success
If you have achieved something wonderful or done something you’re really proud of, shout about it.
I know this might not come naturally, especially if you’ve always been taught that showing off is bad!
The thing is, shouting about your success has a knock-on effect.
Lots of people will be happy for you and will tell you so. Good news is something to be celebrated.
Even more people will be inspired by you and your achievements, whether they say so or not.
And many will see you as a role model and an example of what is possible.
Are any of those things bad? Nope. All good.
There may be people who try to take the wind out of your sails, for reasons known only to them but don’t let that stop you.
You keep on striding ahead, achieving more amazing things and being your fabulous self.
You’re a shining example, so keep shining bright

Love, Claire xx

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