“Claire, you’ve taught me so much and given me the courage to step out! What does the future hold now? It’s so exciting… one day I’m going to earn more than my husband and we’ll actually buy this house we’re renting!”
Amy Box, Voice Coach


Amy Box Voice Coach
Bristol-based Amy is a vocal coach who helps nervous singers get the most from their voices and, as she puts it, gets them bursting with confidence. She does this through an online mini singing course and her 12-week online programme, Courageous Singing Academy.

“I’d spend each morning tidying my kitchen and listening to Claire’s videos, then immediately download the workbooks and start scribbling! Now, I know exactly who my super customer is and I know which awesome and valuable content to share with them to help my business boom—and I have Claire to thank for that.”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“When I was running a completely different business, selling nail polish! To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. It was most definitely a case of ‘spray and pray’ marketing and I wasn’t making many sales. Then I saw one of Claire’s Facebook ads and downloaded her free marketing tips ebook. It didn’t take me long to realise how much she could help me, so I signed up for Big Girl Knickers.”

What it’s given me is…
Knowledge! I knew nothing before, but as I learned about the ‘super customer’, everything became easier and I actually started making money. I finally knew what I was doing with my marketing, social media, pricing and sales.”

For my business, that means…
“I had the confidence to change course when I needed to. There came a point when I realised I was in the wrong business because it wasn’t taking me towards my vision— something else Claire taught me. It just didn’t make my heart sing. So, I put on my REALLY big girl knickers, sold the nail polish business and set myself up as an online vocal coach! This time I feel like I’m ahead of the game because of everything I’ve learned already.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of tea because…
“I just felt immediately like Claire spoke a language that made sense and didn’t patronise me. I’m going back over everything I’ve learned so far with The Girls Mean Business and applying it to my new business—and I love it!”

Find out more about what Amy does at: www.amyboxsinging.com