“We’re more confident as women in business and as business owners. We feel like professionals. Claire has listened to zero of our excuses to stay small and has pushed us outside our comfort zone to see that there really is nothing to be scared of. Without her help, we would still be where we were two years ago in terms of growth and confidence.”
Sinead, Trina and Marie, Apple Tree Crafts

Apple Tree Crafts
Sisters Sinead and Trina run Apple Tree Crafts together with their mum Marie. Their specialist quilt shop in Wicklow, Ireland stocks beautiful quilting and patchwork cottons and haberdashery and offers classes for learner quilters. They’re pretty sure that without The Girls Mean Business, their growth ambitions would have remained just a dream.

“Everything was new, scary and very daunting to us. You know that feeling in a hardware shop when the big guys are looking at you as if to say ‘what the hell are you doing here—you don’t belong here’ and you think, ‘eeek!’?  Well, it felt like Claire came striding through that hardware shop shouting that we DO belong there and that has helped us enormously with our confidence.”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“When we found Claire on Facebook. Her message and tone immediately resonated with us because we were struggling with our inexperience in, well, everything to do with running and marketing a business, really! Something about Claire’s approach just fitted for us. We were sure we had found our guru, and how right we were!”
What it’s given us is…
“Belief in ourselves. We have gone from shy and overwhelmed to being calm and confident and able to analyse opportunities using a better business mind, rather than judging things by how scary they feel.”

For our business that means…
“We’re looking for bigger premises as we have outgrown the current one. The thought of the responsibility and larger bills that come with a move still scares us but we know that it’s not a valid enough reason to stop us trying. We’re going to just go for it and work hard. We feel confident.”

The Girls Mean Business is our cup of tea because…
“Claire is like the big sister to businesses everywhere. We had zero budget for training but the Awesome Marketing Planner has helped us in the most practical, approachable and supportive way possible. Success is now happening for us and we are focusing on increasing that success.”

Find out more about what Sinead, Trina and Marie do at: www.appletreecrafts.ie