“Before I started working with Claire I found it very hard to focus and finish what I had set out to do. I didn’t feel smart enough or good enough. Now, my confidence as a businesswoman has skyrocketed and I’m just so excited about developing my business even more.”
Emma Hirst, Aspire Hair

Aspire Hair
Sheffield-based Emma Hirst does something very special indeed. She helps women dealing with hair loss through alopecia, burns injuries and chemotherapy as well as transgender women, consulting with them one-to-one to find their perfect wig to suit their tastes, lifestyle, budget and needs. Emma’s such an expert in her field, people travel from all over the world to come and see her.

“I remember listening to Claire’s videos and audios and crying! She understood what feeling overwhelmed was like and I found myself having a good cry and getting everything out of my system. I was terrified of actually looking at business finances but it felt like Claire was right there beside me. ‘Know your numbers’ is still my mantra to this day!”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“Just after Christmas 2014 when I told myself that if things didn’t improve, I would quit. I didn’t know where to start and felt frustrated, overwhelmed and defeated by everything. I had followed Claire on social media for a long time and what she posted always made sense to me—that’s why I took the leap. It was my last try at educating myself and making what used to be my passion work for me.”

What it’s given me is…
“Motivation! As soon as I signed up and started the course I felt instantly motivated and encouraged. When I finally did look at my numbers I realised that although I was making a profit, there were lots of gaps where I could have been making more. Claire has taught me how to reduce my expenses and increase my profits so that I can pay myself a good wage. But more than that, it feels great to be able to offer the kind of service I wished I could have received when I first lost my hair as a teenager.”

For my business, that means…
“That my turnover has tripled, making me the proud owner of a highly profitable business. I have big plans for the future with a product especially designed for women who have alopecia and I plan to increase the steady amount of sales through our website even more in the next year.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of tea because…
“Before I started working with Claire, I found it very hard to focus and finish what I had set out to do. Now I feel like I’m stepping closer towards my hopes and dreams—and that I’m encouraged and supported all the way.”

Find out more about what Emma does at: www.aspire-hair.co.uk