“Claire struck a chord with me and in the end I was ready to fall in love with my business all over again. A few of my friends have joined the Awesome Business Club and I am starting to see their businesses turn around too!”
Jade Foster-Jerrett, Jelly Jade


Jelly Jade Children’s Entertainer
Essex-based children’s entertainer and face painter Jade started her business to earn extra cash while she was on maternity leave. But when she discovered The Girls Mean Business, she learned how to take her hobby to another level altogether.

“I was feeling a bit lost, but when I started to watch Claire’s videos and listen to the podcasts, I needed to know more! If I had not joined Claire’s courses, I would have given up and returned to a mundane job that I didn’t enjoy. Claire has made me fall back in love with my business.”

It all started with The Girls Mean Business…
“In around 2014. I’d been face-painting and organising children’s parties and events for a few years. Although things were ticking over nicely, I’d fallen out of love with it—I was taking on too much, dealing with difficult customer after difficult customer and I was ready to give up altogether. But then I came across The Girls Mean Business on Facebook and joined 30 Days To Boost Your Biz.”

What it’s given me is…
“The realisation that I was doing spray-and-pray marketing and, as a result, I was attracting the wrong customers, who didn’t value what I offer. I learned all about my super customer for the first time ever and now I’ve cracked the concept, everything’s changed. I’m thinking like a business owner.”

For my business, that means…
“It’s going places—I have a steady flow of bookings and I’ve hit all my targets so far in 2017. I’ve got a business plan in place (which I had never had before) and I’ve also had a bit of a lightbulb moment. I saw that although the events side of the business was making me a lot of money, I hated doing it. I finally had the confidence to start cutting events out of my business so I could focus on what was important to me—being a children’s entertainer. Now this is my sole focus, I have raised my prices and am still seeing an increase in bookings.”

The Girls Mean Business is my cup of tea because…
“Claire made me realise that I didn’t have to take on everything to be the best or to compete. She’s got me thinking like a business owner, which is always scary at first but it is totally easy to do with the simple and colourful way Claire does things.

Find out more about what Jade does at: www.partywithjellyjade.co.uk