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You will hear me talk about Super Customers a LOT at The Girls Mean Business™. In my opinion, getting clear on your Super Customer is the single most important thing you can do in your business to make your marketing quicker, easier and more effective.

It’s a different approach to what you might be used to and people you meet at networking events might tell you you’re missing a trick, but they’re wrong! Let me explain.

Ok let’s start from the beginning.

You, like me, are the owner of a micro-business.

It’s just us, maybe a helper or two and the dog, right?

And we’ve got stuff to do, we have a business to run, we have customers to deal with, we have children to look after, we’re BUSY! And because we’re busy and have so many pulls on our time, we have LIMITED TIME, MONEY & ENERGY to spend on marketing.

Are you with me so far? Good.

BECAUSE we have limited time, money and energy to spend on marketing we need to get really clever.


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We can’t do ‘spray and pray’ marketing where we just shove a load of adverts out there and hope someone gets the message. We have to put our marketing where it’s MOST LIKELY TO WORK.

So, we need to put our marketing in front of the people who are MOST LIKELY TO BUY. These are our SUPER CUSTOMERS.

Our Super Customers are the people who are a great fit for our business. You might even have some already and if so, you’ll probably know who they are.

Our Super Customers love us.

  • They love what we sell.
  • They value us – they never quibble about price or haggle for discounts.
  • They appreciate the time and effort that goes into our business.
  • They keep coming back
  • They keep spending more
  • They tell their friends.
  • They are a joy to work with
  • They are really easy to please
  • They think you are a miracle worker or a ninja genius or both.

Get the picture?

Your Super Customers are a GOOD fit for your business and if all your customers were like them, life would be a breeze.

So, let’s make that happen!


This is not about whom you SELL TO. This is about whom you MARKET TO. You can sell to whomever you like but YOU CAN’T MARKET TO EVERYONE!

It might take you a bit of time to really crack your Super Customer. It may be that you don’t have anyone at the moment who fits that description but do you have any customers who fit BITS of it? Have you had a glimpse of how it could be?

You need to spend some time getting really clear on this. If you’re struggling, here’s a different approach.

Have you ever had a BAD customer?
Someone who was such a colossal pain in the bum that you never want to hear their name again, let alone deal with them? Brilliant! Have you had more than one? Even better? Let’s use those negative experiences and use them to make your marketing better.

What Does A Bad Customer Look Like?

What was it about them that made them so bad for your business?

  • Was it the way they spoke to you? Their unrealistic expectations?
  • Did they begrudge paying? Did they not pay at all?
  • Did they keep moving the goalposts so you couldn’t finish the project? Did they disrespect your products?


I’m sorry to bring this all back but it’s worth it, I promise because whatever it was that made them so BAD, you want the OPPOSITE in your Super Customer.

Write a list (it will be quite therapeutic) of all the bad things about them and then write the opposite alongside it – that pretty much sums up your Super Customer.


Why Is Your Super Customer So Important?

Well, apart from the fact that out of everyone in the whole wide world, they are most likely to buy from you?

OK, well once you know who they are you can start filling in some gaps.

  • Why do they need you?
  • Why do they love you?
  • What is it about your business that keeps them coming back rather than going to your cheaper rivals?
  • What do you give them or do for them that they can’t easily get elsewhere?


Your Super Customer Marketing Messages

Once you know what sort of person they are and why they are a good fit, get inside their head and figure out how and where they spend their time so you can put your marketing messages in front of them where THEY hang out.

Are they on Facebook or other social media? Why?

Are they searching Google? Why? What are they putting into their searches?

Let me give you an example:

My Super Customer is a woman business owner who is stuck. She’s lacking in confidence, she can’t get focused, she has no time, she feels alone and isolated working from home, she is broke and she really needs help with marketing because she doesn’t know where to start. Oh, and often she has children too.

She loves me because I make marketing easy for her. I show her what it means and how it works and I give her shortcuts that work, like Super Customer marketing.

I teach her how to be more confident and to get more focus, I teach her how to get new customers and how to sell more to existing customers and I teach her how to sell and make more money.

Because I know THIS about here, I can figure out she’s spending time on social media looking for groups of women like her where she can ask questions and not feel so alone. She is Googling things like ‘how to sell more’, ‘how to get more done’ ‘which social media platforms are best for business’. She is scrabbling around looking for help. And I can give her that help.

It doesn’t matter where in the world she is because what I teach works anywhere for pretty much any business, so I don’t need to look locally for my marketing. I need to take advantage of the Internet and put my marketing messages in front of her, where she is already looking.

What Do I Say In My Marketing?

Because I know who my Super Customer is, I can create marketing messages that will catch her eye and resonate with her. I can ask questions like

  • Are you struggling with your marketing?
  • Do you wish you had more time in the day to build your business?
  • Are you scared of putting up your prices?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you just want your marketing to WORK and bring you some sales??

And I know she’ll be nodding to herself. You can do this too. What is YOUR Super Customer struggling with? What would she love to find? What problems do you solve? What needs do you meet? How do you make her life easier or better? How do you make her feel? How do you save her time, make her time, save her money, make her money? What outcomes do you bring about?

Hopefully this is starting to get your brain cogs whirring.

Bread And Butter Customers

Every business has 2 different types of customers: Bread and Butter customers and Super Customers.

When you start out in business you tend to attract Bread and Butter customers. These are not perfect fit customers and they are usually a long way from Super Customers, but they are customers all the same and they bring in money to pay the bills. They are your ‘bread and butter’. You attract more of these because you’re not being very targeted with your marketing and you tend to say ‘yes’ to every bit of business that comes your way, good and bad.

The trouble is, after a while it gets a bit wearing and you start to see the difference between ‘good’ customers and ‘bad’ customers, and you start begrudging the ‘bad’ customers because they are hard work!

Super Customers

Well, we know all about them now, don’t we? And that’s great because when you start marketing ONLY to your Super Customers, you start attracting more of them. And you start attracting fewer bread and butter customers. And your business changes.

The more Super Customers you attract, the more sales you will make and the easier your life will be.

How Much Time Will My Marketing Take To Work?

Here’s the thing – marketing takes TIME to work. It takes time EVEN when you are doing clever, Super Customer marketing so it’s going to take even longer if you’re doing it the hard way.

Once you get your Super Customer marketing working, you need to give it 3-6 months of marketing CONSISTENTLY AND PERSISTENTLY before you can expect it to properly work. You’ll probably see a change in the response you’re getting to your marketing before then, but for your marketing to gain traction and get the best results, you need to give it TIME.

So, just to sum up Super Customer Marketing :

  1. You can’t market to everyone – you may as well market to those people who are most likely to buy (your Super Customers)
  2. Work out who they are and what their life is like
  3. Get inside their head and figure out their pain points, needs and wants and where you fit
  4. Come up with marketing messages that will resonate with your Super Customers based on what you know about them
  5. Put your marketing messages in front of your Super Customers where they hang out
  6. Give it 3-6 months and watch the magic happen

Let me know how you get on. Have you worked out your Super Customer? How’s it going for you? Tell me what’s working for you!


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