My Competitor Confession (It’s Not Pretty)!

My Competitor Confession (It’s Not Pretty)!

Today I’m going to share something really personal and it’s not pretty, so I feel a little nervous!

But I know if I felt like this then you might too, just don’t judge me!!

Have you ever had a competitor drive you crazy?

You know what I mean, right? They seem to be EVERYWHERE – in the papers, all over social media, everywhere you look, they’re there. It’s infuriating!!

In the early days of my business there was one lady who used to frustrate the heck out of me. She was everywhere. People were talking about her and singing her praises and everyone (it seemed) LOVED her and her business.

I hate to admit it, but I was really jealous. This woman brought out the worst in me – somehow her success was pushing all my buttons and making me feel inferior, envious and MAD!


One day, when I found myself muttering about her again, I had a big wake up call.

All of a sudden I realised that I’d just spent most of the morning obsessing over this woman’s business instead of working on my own. I should have written my newsletter but I’d got distracted by something *she* had done and I had lost track of time.

That’s when I knew it had to stop.

I had to get a grip and LOSE this jealousy.

I had to focus on MY business.

Immediately I decided that, the energy inside me shifted.

I banned myself from looking at her stuff or mentioning her name for 2 weeks, so I could break my bad habit.

Then I started to look at her stuff again to see if I could work out why it affected me so much.

And I realised a LOT of things.

1. Her success was down to lots of hard work on her part.She didn’t just get her huge following by accident, she had WORKED at it and she deserves her success. She had ploughed a lot of time, money and energy into her business and now she was reaping the rewards. She was (and is) pretty awesome, really.

2. In my head, her success somehow made me feel inferior. Now, you’ll probably be nodding and saying to yourself ‘ah, that’s all about YOU, Claire and nothing to do with her’ and you’d be right. My own insecurities and lack of confidence at that time had made me jealous of her – totally irrational, I know. It was a big lesson for me and was the beginning of me learning a lot about myself – it’s been an interesting journey!

3. Also in my head (damn those Mind Monkeys) I felt that if people loved her, they wouldn’t choose me. How silly is THAT?? We’re like chalk and cheese. Apples and pears. We’re nothing alike and we BOTH brought really valuable things to the world. Her stuff was GREAT for HER crowd. They loved her. But some of them loved me too. Which is FAB. There was definitely room for us both.

These days I think very differently.

When I see someone else in my field being super-awesome, I know how much effort that’s taken. There is no magic pill. They have put a LOT of work in to be shining so brightly. I am secretly (and sometimes openly) in admiration of them. I might be a bit envious too, but in a ‘Darn it! I wish I’D thought of that’ kind of way.

And these days I shine a lot brighter, myself.

I’ve accumulated a few haters and copycats along the way but that’s par for the course for any successful business owner. The main thing is that I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS. I focus on what I’M doing, on what MY customers and clients need, on what I ENJOY doing.

And I have no idea what my competitors are doing but I’m hoping they’re doing the same.

If this hit a nerve then that’s good. Because, it means you can do something about it. Also, you might enjoy this blog.

Are Your Competitors Freaking You Out?

Are Your Competitors Freaking You Out?

Are Your Competitors Freaking You Out?

What is it about owning a business that turns you into a paranoia queen?

Every time you hear of a competitor doing well, your mind chatter kicks into overtime ‘OMG, everyone is saying great things about her’, ‘Oh no, how can I possibly compete?’ or ‘You’ll never make a living with her around’.

Even worse, you decide not to go to networking events in case there are competitors there.

You spend your time checking out her website, partly in admiration and partly in fear.

You watch her Facebook page and keep a beady eye on how many fans she has.

You become mildly obsessed.

And downhearted. And that’s not good.

The ‘competitor crisis’ gets to the point where you avoid doing things that you need to do to grow your business. Lady, it’s got to stop!

Let me tell you some truths about your competitor

(I do mind-reading as a sideline). She is just like you. She is scared of the same things you are. She worries just like you. She is doing her best to build a business she loves and to make a good living.

She might look more confident, sound more self-assured, feature more often in the papers but I’ll bet you, she’s had to work at it.

She DIDN’T quit when the going got tough. She hung in there when she had bad days. She kept going when it all seems to be crumbling around her and and she didn’t let competitor paranoia stop her.

As a result she’s still in business and has people saying great things about her.

My advice to you:

Let her inspire you not scare you.

There is more than enough business to go around.

You need to find your niche and focus on YOUR stuff, not your competitors’.

Put all your attention on growing your own business and keep going, however tough it gets.

Before you know it, it will be YOU inspiring others with your business success.


Claire x

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