6 BIG Reasons You Can’t Afford To Ignore E-Newsletters

6 BIG Reasons You Can’t Afford To Ignore E-Newsletters

I remember when I first started out in business, I had a big list of things I needed to do each week (get new clients, look after existing clients, send invoices, get money in) and to be honest, e-newsletters were not very far up my list. Actually, they probably weren’t on my list at all. They seemed to be a ‘nice-to-have’ for when I had time.

Fast forward a couple of years and my e-newsletter is probably my most important marketing tool, it’s certainly the marketing tool that drives the most sales and brings me the most money. Who knew?

The thing is, e-newsletters are brilliant for any business. Let me tell you why:

1. Relationship Building With E-Newsletters

Marketing is all about relationships. It’s about how you, the company, show your customers and potential customers that you understand what they need. It’s about how you show them you are a great fit for them. It’s about showing that you have the products and services they need to make their life easier or simpler, to save them money, to get their business insured, to make gift buying easier, to lose weight – wherever you fit in the world of business.

Relationships are what make customers pay more for a product or service rather than just shopping for the cheapest option. People want more than cheap – people want value. They want the right choice, the right service, the right delivery options, customer service attitude. They want to be listened to. They want to deal with real people.

And if you send them a regular e-newsletter once a month telling them how you can solve their problems and help them, showing examples of what you sell and explaining why it’s great value, answering customer questions, sharing great tips and advice and generally being a useful kind of resource, that’s going to go a LONG way toward building the relationships you need.

2. Staying Top Of Mind Using E-Newsletters

How often have you bought something from a company and then after a while forgotten what they are called? How often have you bought something online and thought ‘I love their website’ but didn’t remember to save it? In my case, it’s pretty often for both because I’m busy, I get distracted, I’m human!

In these cases the company I bought from probably hasn’t been in touch with me since. They haven’t emailed me or tried to show me what else they could do for me. If I didn’t buy but forgot to save the website, it’s because there was nothing compelling enough on the website to get me to hand over my email address, so they could keep in touch.

Now, let’s look at this another way.

How often have you thought about buying something and then an email popped into your inbox offering the exact thing you were looking for and you bought? In my case, several times and it’s no coincidence. The likelihood is that when I’ve been browsing online I’ve found a website, loved their stuff, not been ready to buy but because they were offering some kind of download (a voucher or coupon, a top tips list, a free e-book) I signed up to their mailing list.

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The best combination is to

  • Have a website that really shows what you can do for your best customers,
  • Give people an enticing little freebie in return for their email address
  • Send a regular e-newsletter that keeps you top of mind, reminds your subscribers who you are and how you can help and that makes it easy to get in touch and buy.

When I send out my weekly e-newsletter to my 20k+ subscribers, I get great feedback. I share stuff I think they will love and will find helpful. I rarely sell. But when I DO send out an offer for something they can buy, I sell LOADS. That’s the power of an e-newsletter.

3. Positioning Yourself As An Expert Through E-Newsletters

You ARE an expert, in case you were in any doubt. You know far more about your business than anyone else. You know your topic inside out. You could talk for England about your company and what it does. The thing is, you now need to show your customers and subscribers what you know and how it can help them.

E-newsletters are a great way to show what you do. They are a great way to share valuable information, help, tips and advice to your subscribers. You can include blogs, videos, articles, tips, quotes and anything you think  your subscribers will love – the aim is to show them that you’re a great fit for them and you know your stuff.

4. Showcase Your Products And Services Using E-Newsletters

E-newsletters are brilliant for reminding your subscribers what you sell. They might have bought loads from you, or they might not have bought from you YET. Either way, it never hurts to let your fans know what’s on offer. There’s a good chance that lots of your customers are buying stuff from other people that they could be buying from YOU, just because they’re not aware you sell it. What a waste! A monthly e-newsletter with a different product/service spotlight each time (along with the benefits it brings, how it helps, why your subscribers should care) can remind your audience why they need to come back to your website and have a good look around.

5. E-Newsletters Versus Social Media

Social Media is fickle. The rules change regularly. Facebook’s algorithm is one of the great mysteries of the Universe and it’s getting harder and harder to be seen and heard as thousands of new people every day flood onto Social Media. What’s a girl to do?

Well, if you’re clever (which you are) you build a subscriber list as we’ve outlined above. You get really clear on whom you’d love to have on your subscriber list – not just anyone and everyone but those people who are MOST LIKELY TO BUY – your SUPER CUSTOMERS! They are where you need to be focusing your energy, efforts and time.

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Build a subscriber list of Super Customers then send them regular e-newsletters showcasing what you do, showing them you’re a great fit for them, demonstrating that you’re an expert and you know your stuff and making them feel like you care – building a relationship with them. You’re not at the mercy of Social Media. You send your emails direct to their phone or tablet. You include a juicy, enticing headline that makes your subscribers WANT to open your email and you wow them. You can do that. Just keep in mind why they are a brilliant fit for you, how you can help them and why they should care.

E-newsletters bring your marketing back within YOUR control rather than being at the mercy of a crowded timeline.

6. E-Newsletters Create Sales

If I haven’t convinced you yet that e-newsletters are a necessity rather than a nice to have and that they are a brilliant business tool, let me share a secret with you. Twice this year I sent out an offer to my subscriber list. The first email brought me £12,000 of business. The second email a month later brought me £18,000. £30k from 2 emails. Convinced?

Make it a top priority to build your subscriber list. Come up with an irresistible freebie that will attract the right people onto your list. Then keep in touch with them – regularly! Don’t just send one or two e-newsletters and give up because you think no-one’s reading them. Keep at it, it can take 3-6 months before your subscribers even register you’re sending them – by that point they will look forward to them if you’re doing it right.

Let me know how YOU are using e-newsletters to build your business. What do you include? How often do you send yours? What works best for you? Why not comment below and we can see what’s working best for different people.

3 Easy Ways To Get People To Open Your E-Newsletters!

3 Easy Ways To Get People To Open Your E-Newsletters!

I’m a great fan of e-newsletters. Even though our inboxes are busier than ever, a good e-newsletter will always bring you new business and help forge strong relationships with your subscribers.

But those busy inboxes I mentioned… it can be tricky to even get your e-newsletter SEEN, let alone read. So how do you cut through all that email noise and stand out enough so your subscribers notice your beautiful e-newsletter?

Here are 3 ways to make sure that yours is the newsletter that gets noticed, read and acted on by your subscribers.

Know Your Ideal Customer & What They Want

Know what the people in your audience want and need. Take notice of the questions your customers ask you. Ask purchasers why they buy from you. Be observant – keep an eye on your social media accounts and see what your fans are talking about. The better you know your ideal customer, the more of them you can attract as subscribers and the more you can convert into buyers.

If you don’t already have a handle on this, take a moment to write out the answers to these questions:

  • What keeps the people in your target market up at night?
  • What are their dreams?
  • What do they struggle with?
  • What brings them joy and inspiration and hope?
  • What would solve their problems and/or help them reach their goals (the ones you help them with)?

The more relevant you are to your subscribers, the more likely they are to open your newsletters.

Get Great At Subject Lines

Your subject lines or titles are SOOOO important! This mini-message plays a huge role in getting people to open your emails. When subject lines are compelling, even the busiest and most email-overloaded subscriber will at least pause to scan the contents inside that intriguing subject line.

The Right Amount Of Emails

Email your subscribers too frequently and you become part of the “noise” you’re trying to cut through. Don’t email them enough and they forget who you are, and again, you become part of the noise.

To become “top-of-mind” with your audience, you’ll probably need to email them (always with valuable information not just sell, sell, selling) more frequently than may initially feel comfortable, but not so much that you become the noise.

To work out the right frequency for you, start with what feels comfortable and then stretch just to the point where you feel uncomfortable. So if you’re thinking once a quarter, try every other month instead. If you’re thinking monthly, how about every 2 weeks? Once you pick a schedule then stick to it, RELIGIOUSLY. I know e-newsletters take some writing – I do one every week and my deadline day seems to whiz round at lightning speed.

I know you can feel stuck for ideas (why not have a brain dump of all the topics your ideal customer could use help on that you can provide, then break them down into smaller and smaller sub topics – that should keep you going for a while!) but if you’re going to send one every month, do it. Send it every month. On the same day. Packed full of valuable, helpful information that your ideal customer will love. And then, when you have something to sell, it won’t feel icky because you have ‘padded’ your selling with fabulous content.

Put yourself in your subscriber’s shoes – what would make YOU open an e-newsletter when you’re busy? What has caught your attention in the past? Whose emails do you love? Find out what is working for you and then apply the same principles to your own e-newsletters. If you send great quality newsletters on a regular basis, you’ll soon start to see an increase in sales.

My challenge to you is:

  1. Find 3 e-newsletters that you always open when they appear in your inbox
  2. Work out why you love them
  3. Use what you’ve learned to create compelling, great quality e-newsletters that YOUR ideal customers will love receiving AND will act on!