5 Quick Tips To Get Your Email Marketing Selling For You

5 Quick Tips To Get Your Email Marketing Selling For You

You’ve decided you’re going to start sending e-newsletters in your business – how exciting!! And may I say, a totally brilliant plan because email marketing is a fantastic marketing tool that helps you build relationships with your customers and potential customers, helps position you as an expert and helps build your credibility. Also, email marketing keeps you top of mind – so when your subscriber is ready to buy, they will buy from you!

My e-newsletter helped me to build a six-figure business in less than 18 months – I am a huge advocate of email marketing and I really want you to use it in your business.

But before you jump in with both feet I want to share some quick and easy ways to make your email marketing work for you – after all, you’re putting all that work in, you may as well make it count.

It’s a great idea to have a plan before you start (yes, I know you want to dive in and get doing but whoa there girl! A bit of planning can save you a lot of work and frustration in the long run).

Here are 5 quick and easy tips that will help you set up your email marketing in the right way.

1. Define What You Want

What do you actually want from your e-marketing? Have you thought about it? If not, now would be a great time to do that. Do you want to get sales right from your e-newsletter? Drive readers back to your website? Encourage people to enquire? Get responses to a survey? What do you want your readers to DO when they read your e-newsletter? If you don’t know, don’t bother sending out your email because, frankly, it’s a bit of a waste of  your precious time. Let’s get really clear on the outcome and results you want from your lovely e-newsletter and then you can design it with the outcome in mind.

2. Speak To Your Ideal Customers

The best e-newsletters SPEAK to their readers and they do that by being really clear on who they are marketing to. If you write generic content, it won’t speak to anyone in particular. Instead, why not aim for an OMG moment – that moment when your ideal customers read your e-newsletter and say to themselves ‘OMG she is talking to ME! She knows me so well (I swear she’s a mind reader). When you get THAT kind of reaction to your newsletters, that’s when people realise you’re a perfect fit for them and buy.

3. Tell Them Why You’re A Solution To Their Problems

Remember that your subscribers signed up because they liked the look of your business. To move them from readers to buyers, you need to make it crystal clear WHY they should keep reading. People buy solutions to their problems so it’s your job to articulate why you’re going to make their life easier or better, how you’re going to help them look younger, feel more confident, save money, make money, lose weight, make their house look lovely, help their kids sleep or whatever amazing thing you do. Don’t make them guess – tell them how you can help them.

4. Make Them An Offer

Again, don’t rely on your readers being mind-readers too! If you want them to click here and go to the shop on your website to buy the gorgeous thing you’ve just shown them, then TELL THEM. Tell them to click here now! If you want them to fill out the enquiry form, once you’ve created that OMG moment and told them why you’re a perfect solution for them, tell them to complete that enquiry form immediately! If you want them to like you on Facebook – make it easy – tell them what they need to do and ask them to do it. You get the idea!

5. Keep Doing All Of The Above

It’s no use getting steps 1-4 right if you aren’t consistent. Irregular, sporadic e-newsletters are almost as bad as NO e-newsletters. The key to e-newsletters that sell is CONSISTENCY – decide on your e-newsletter frequency and stick to it. Religiously. Why? Well let’s imagine you send a few really good e-newsletters. You’ve got your readers used to you, they know you and your brand, they know you share great stuff and they like you. You’ve spent time telling them why they need what you sell and got them seriously thinking about it. Then you stop sending e-newsletters. But your subscribers know what they need now, so when a competitor emails them with an offer that matches yours, who do they buy from? The person who SENT the e-newsletter when they needed it, of course. Your competitor is top of mind. How gutting would that be? Exactly. Consistency is key and when your subscribers are ready to buy, they will buy – from YOU.

So, lovely lady – even if you’ve already been sending e-newsletter for a while, now would be a great time to take stock and review your e-marketing. If you haven’t yet starting sending e-newsletters, these tips will start you off in the right way, and hopefully you can see why email newsletters are a fantastic marketing tool. I want to see you turning e-newsletters into sales within the next two weeks – are you up for the challenge?

Why Unsubscribes Are Great!

Why Unsubscribes Are Great!

When I first started to send e-newsletters I was a nervous wreck.

You know how it goes;

you spend ages composing a lovely e-newsletter that you hope your subscribers will love.

You carefully choose the images and make sure that it looks the part.

You take a deep breath and press ‘send’ and off it goes, into the ether.

It’s always a ‘hold your breath’ moment as you wonder how your e-newsletter will be received, whether anyone will comment or click through the links;

Whether anyone will come over and like your Facebook page as a result, or will start following you on Twitter. I know this feeling VERY well.

I Would Start Chewing My Fingernails…

I’d leave it a few minutes and open up the ‘stats’ section and to my absolute HORROR, I would see someone has unsubscribed.

My heart would pound.

I’d feel indignant, horrified, offended!

Who would DO such a thing?

What have I done to deserve this?

I’d feel like someone just stuck a knife in my back!

It felt like a personal attack. (Which of course, it isn’t!)

The first time this happened to me I felt like crying and it worried me for days. Which is totally ridiculous really! It wasn’t until I realised something important, that it all changed for me.

And I can tell you, categorically, that you don’t have to worry when this happens to you. Don’t fret. Don’t try to second guess why they unsubscribed. Don’t take it personally.

Be happy!


Because it’s OK! Unsubscribes are GREAT!

I know it hurts! I used to react like this; too, until I figured out what a wonderful thing it is to see people unsubscribing from your e-newsletter.

Not in droves – I hasten to add!

I’m not for a moment suggesting that if almost everyone unsubscribes that’s a good thing, but one or two each time you send it is just about right (and the bigger your subscriber list, the more unsubscribes you’ll get each time you send an email)

Why? Well let’s think about this.

Why DO people sign up to your newsletter list?

• Maybe you offered them a fabulous free report?
• Maybe they met you at a networking meeting?
• Maybe they’ve bought from you at some time in the past.

Now think about what might have happened to them since then.

Their circumstances might have changed, they might have moved jobs or, let’s be frank, they might not find your e-newsletters relevant or interesting (hard to believe, I know!)

This just means they aren’t your ideal customer anymore – perhaps they never were.

And don’t forget, loads of people sign up to different services using a number of email addresses.

Lots of your unsubscribes will be down to people receiving duplicates and unsubscribing accordingly – this happens to me all the time.

There are tons of reasons why people unsubscribe but NONE of those reasons is about YOU! It’s all about them and changes in their life.

When they unsubscribe they are simply helping you to clean your database and make sure it’s full of people who WANT to hear from you.

What’s bad about that?

Count it as a blessing and know that the RIGHT people are sticking with you and your newsletters are appreciated.

I always tell my clients that people who unsubscribe are just making room for loads more ideal customers to take their place.

It’s much better to have fewer subscribers who are ideal customers and love what you send out, than have thousands of subscribers who aren’t really bought-in or engaged with you.

When it comes to your email list, quality is definitely better than quantity.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?