How Long Will My Marketing Take To Work?

How Long Will My Marketing Take To Work?

OK brace yourself.

The marketing you do today will pay off in 3-6 months.

I know this probably  isn’t what you wanted to hear but marketing rarely works immediately.

It can take 3-6 months for marketing to properly give results, and that’s if you’re marketing little and often.

Once Is Not Enough

Once is just not enough and yet many of us try a blog post, or an e-newsletter or a Facebook post and get disappointed and disillusioned when it doesn’t work. Some of us even give up when it doesn’t produce a flurry of enquiries straight away. Which is just silly.

The fact is that you’ve not even scratched the surface. You’ve not even done enough for someone to take notice of you – you’ve not put the work in.

One e-newsletter, one blog post, one campaign is never enough. It’s a flash in the pan. It will get missed by almost everyone. It will zoom down a Facebook timeline before you can say Jack Robinson. It will be gone in the blink of an eye on a Twitter feed. Once is hardly worth the effort, when it comes to marketing. Once doesn’t even constitute a test!

Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes….

Would you buy from somebody you’d heard from once? From someone whose ad you saw once but then never saw again? Would you even remember who had posted it?


You’d forget about them or assume they’d gone bust!

A website with one blog, posted 2 years ago looks neglected. A Facebook page with one or two random posts over the last few weeks just doesn’t do it – you’re not fooling anyone! Anyone checking out your business will see mixed messages, inconsistent marketing activity and will probably wonder if you’re just playing at this business.

It’s happened to me loads of times.

I’ll be searching for a product on the internet and find a website that looks promising, at face value. When I take a look around I see that they last blogged in 2011, their news page hasn’t been updated EVER, the links to their social media channel (if they even work) take me to the equivalent of social media tumbleweed with sadly neglected Facebook and Twitter feeds. I don’t bother looking any further. If this is how they treat their main sales channels then how do they treat their customers? I assume that they don’t care.

Now that may or may not be true, but PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. That’s how it came across to me and you’re not there to put across your side of the story.

10 Minutes Every Day

And 10 minutes day or an hour a week of marketing could make all the difference.

You could do LOADS in 10 minutes a day. That’s enough time to write a week’s worth of social media posts. It’s enough to schedule those posts. It’s enough time to reply to tweets. It’s enough time to do a quick update on your website. It’s enough to scope out your monthly e-newsletter. And everyone can find 10 minutes a day – I don’t care how busy you are. If it’s important enough to you, you’ll find 10 minutes.

So Why Does It Take 3-6 Months?

Well, people need to see your messages more than once – they just do!

It takes time for relationships to build. It takes time for your messages to filter through all the noise.

It takes time for someone to see if you’re a good fit for them.

People are BUSY – and it takes time for you to capture their attention for long enough to do something about it.

And remember that your urgency is not their urgency.

If you keep marketing and talking to them and building relationships with your ideal customers, they will know where to come when they need you.

When they are ready to buy, they will buy – from YOU

But only if you’ve been marketing to them consistently and persistently.

So, get marketing today, to the right people, and in 3-6 months your business will truly see the benefit.

Love, Claire

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