Why Unsubscribes Are Great!

Why Unsubscribes Are Great!

When I first started to send e-newsletters I was a nervous wreck.

You know how it goes;

you spend ages composing a lovely e-newsletter that you hope your subscribers will love.

You carefully choose the images and make sure that it looks the part.

You take a deep breath and press ‘send’ and off it goes, into the ether.

It’s always a ‘hold your breath’ moment as you wonder how your e-newsletter will be received, whether anyone will comment or click through the links;

Whether anyone will come over and like your Facebook page as a result, or will start following you on Twitter. I know this feeling VERY well.

I Would Start Chewing My Fingernails…

I’d leave it a few minutes and open up the ‘stats’ section and to my absolute HORROR, I would see someone has unsubscribed.

My heart would pound.

I’d feel indignant, horrified, offended!

Who would DO such a thing?

What have I done to deserve this?

I’d feel like someone just stuck a knife in my back!

It felt like a personal attack. (Which of course, it isn’t!)

The first time this happened to me I felt like crying and it worried me for days. Which is totally ridiculous really! It wasn’t until I realised something important, that it all changed for me.

And I can tell you, categorically, that you don’t have to worry when this happens to you. Don’t fret. Don’t try to second guess why they unsubscribed. Don’t take it personally.

Be happy!


Because it’s OK! Unsubscribes are GREAT!

I know it hurts! I used to react like this; too, until I figured out what a wonderful thing it is to see people unsubscribing from your e-newsletter.

Not in droves – I hasten to add!

I’m not for a moment suggesting that if almost everyone unsubscribes that’s a good thing, but one or two each time you send it is just about right (and the bigger your subscriber list, the more unsubscribes you’ll get each time you send an email)

Why? Well let’s think about this.

Why DO people sign up to your newsletter list?

• Maybe you offered them a fabulous free report?
• Maybe they met you at a networking meeting?
• Maybe they’ve bought from you at some time in the past.

Now think about what might have happened to them since then.

Their circumstances might have changed, they might have moved jobs or, let’s be frank, they might not find your e-newsletters relevant or interesting (hard to believe, I know!)

This just means they aren’t your ideal customer anymore – perhaps they never were.

And don’t forget, loads of people sign up to different services using a number of email addresses.

Lots of your unsubscribes will be down to people receiving duplicates and unsubscribing accordingly – this happens to me all the time.

There are tons of reasons why people unsubscribe but NONE of those reasons is about YOU! It’s all about them and changes in their life.

When they unsubscribe they are simply helping you to clean your database and make sure it’s full of people who WANT to hear from you.

What’s bad about that?

Count it as a blessing and know that the RIGHT people are sticking with you and your newsletters are appreciated.

I always tell my clients that people who unsubscribe are just making room for loads more ideal customers to take their place.

It’s much better to have fewer subscribers who are ideal customers and love what you send out, than have thousands of subscribers who aren’t really bought-in or engaged with you.

When it comes to your email list, quality is definitely better than quantity.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?